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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by ABF_The_Soldiers_Charity, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Hopefully you have all heard of Big Curry; the fiery fundraiser from ABF The Soldiers' Charity.

    We would love everyone to get involved, get some friends together and raise lots of shiny money for the charity.

    It really is easy as well!

    We have a whole host of recipes from top chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon so have a look, download the fundraising pack and get cooking!

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  2. Double posted for some reason!
  3. 'Rice' idea!!
  4. Missed this, it might be an idea to Bump this a few times, once a day leading to the Event... the last downloadable Curry Recipes from this were excellent, with a Gurkha Curry etc. Good Luck with the Fund Raising...
  5. 'Rice' idea!!
  6. Now thats something I have missed out here - a good curry. Keep em coming!
  7. Why did you send me so many bizarre PMs?
  8. strawberrykettaz is for some reason in awe of me enough to try and copy my profile.

    Also likes to pm people.
  9. Who is he/she/it?

    Had a series of the most bizarre ramblings in my inbox this afternoon, and any questions/replies from me were just met with utter gibberish. Odd.
  10. Same here,time he was nominated in the C0cks n N0bbers thread
  11. I have 2 people in mind who it could be...

    But not 100%.
  12. That was the 1st! I then enquired who it was

    Then asked what it was on about and received the following

    Bizarre. Very. Then after some more enquiries I got these and decided to call it a day.

    What a perplexing individual.
  13. Snap :) just nominated him
  14. I tend to just go to when I want my cheap thrills rather than PMing random Arrsers, but each to their own.

    Is it female? :twisted:
  15. I have had deranged messages from this username especially the t/d message, i have advised him/her to stay off the Coke.

    Rucking Weirdo.