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Curry Night June 12th - Putney

I have been asked by a couple of people if I will organise another curry night for the 12th June at the RV we held the last one, namely the Bricklayers Arms in Putney. I think everyone who attended the last one enjoyed themselves and can vouch for the Ruby cooked by an ex-ACC chappie. The cost was a fiver-a-head but we realistically need at least 20 people to make it worthwhile for the pub to put it on. If you fancy it please make yourself known and once we hit the magic number I'll get it organised. If you want to want to bring a '+1' or whatever that's fine, just let me know.

I'd certainly be up for another one, trouble is my current work contract is expiring on 6th June so I don't know whether I will be around. If I am then I will definitely be there!

Gets my endorsement anyway - sign up now!



Yesterday went very well, so well in fact that I have at least 3 months work trawling through designs at home and putting together spreadsheets for the client. I'm not sure if I can hack the commute so I may escape on the lash or into the woods with a rifle, Boss acknowledged this and seems ok about it! He just needs the work done and is willing to pay!
This has my endorsement! I'll be there if only for a few hours. I have a heavy next day travelling to Spain and I have to be firing on at least 2 cylinders.
I will return, more sinister than the last time. I will dress like the German SS guy from ' Raiders of the Lost Ark.'

We will talk Fraeulein. Now where is my coat hanger ?

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