curried rat..............fcuking gorgeous!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jibman, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. did a job 2 weeks ago working for some indonesians over here,when at lunchbreak they offered me some scoff so not as to offend my vertically challenged slant eyed friends i took them up on their kind offer.

    the spicy aroma simmering on the stove made me feel particulary famished,so when the dish was served infront of me me and my new mates devoured the contents with particular was washed down with coffee but beggars can,t be choosers.

    after much sign language as to the meals main ingredient i was very happy to see the interpreter show his face,so i enquired as to what my meal consisted of,only to be told that it was rat!after initially being taken aback the meal was fcuking nice!i was just wondering if anyone else has tasted anything that appealed to their sick taste buds? :toilet:
  2. hopefully still attached to the bloke,s scrotom jarrod? you didn,t do a "lecter" and serve them on a plate?
  3. IKEA meatballs are suspiciously unmeaty !!

    but a number of years ago i had a rat cooked in a peanut sauce with a spicy dip aswell. Bloody beautifull until again i found out it was rat i thought it was just some meaty strips on a plate like duck or something.
  4. thought you,d turned cannibal for a brief moment! 8O aka geoffrey dahmer! :wink:
  5. Horse, and very nice the old nag was to. :)
  6. Ate a Clown once didn't like it though it tasted FUNNY...
    i'll get my coat sorry
  7. Tree rat, but should have stewed it its way too lean to roast
  8. don`t ever eat the liver
  9. Brains! MMMmmm juicy brains.
  10. Wild cat in Oman, didn't find out what I'd eaten til afterwards, and it would have been offensive to hosts to have asked, but it was friggin delicious.
  11. Raw horse. And on another occasion, a Ginster's cornish pasty.
  12. Source of the rat?Was it bred for eating? or some leismaniasis riddled filth from the local sewer?