Curriculum Vitae. Part 9 - Travel. Question

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Habayeb, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi quick question about the CV form,


    'Please state residence or travel abroad within the last 5 years starting with the most recent. Do not include gap years.'

    Simple question, its probably obvious, does this include holidays???

  2. Does it not say something like "abroad for a period longer than 3 weeks?" on it?

    If not, then any travel abroad, including holidays.
  3. From your title, you are too stupid to get a securtity clearance!
  4. It asks to state ALL foreign travel within the last five years. I posted my completed CV off last night and filled in every trip abroad (even a three day stop over in LA last time I went to New Zealand).... took me awhile to find the dates for all my hoildays and I'm sure I got one of them off by two days.
  5. That's what i thought. Many thanks
  6. Please elaborate. So am I too stupid because I have only joined recently? Or is that a dig at my screen name. I would think that you are too stupid to be civil on what I thought was a friendly forum, where someone is abused for asking a simple question.
  7. Well lets start with the fact that the answer to your question is on the form you are filling in. Apparently, you wish to join as an officer but cannot read and follow simple instructions. Bodes well!
  8. I have read the question best to be safe then sorry, I just wanted to make sure that the Army really wanted to know of my recent trip to Turkey or a holiday I had in Tenerife a few years ago. I understand why they would need to know residence or long travel over 3 weeks but a 1 week holiday seems a bit silly. But anyway.
  9. Assuming you are serious, then again you wish to be an officer but are not showing the required level of intellect. Lets say you regularly take 1 week holidays to China. Do you honestly think that we would say "its only a week each time so we are not interested"!
  10. This is where you made your first mistake
  11. I put absolutely everything on mine, even weekend citybreaks to various places in Europe. It ended up being a page long, and I doubt they looked at the whole thing, but since they asked for everything, I put everything.
  12. WW, A sensible approach. Miss anything out and they would wonder what you were trying to hide!
  13. Too true, if you miss out a booze cruise you had 7 years ago to Calais or a school trip to Belgium when you were 12 they may think you are a Chinese spy.
  14. Hey up, Boab, you could get a shot across the bows, if'n your not careful.

    To the OP, Holiday Dates, I suppose it's not beyond the realms of possibility that
    they could be in your Passport? ........just a thought, like.