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I wanted to put this out there before updating the careers office of my decision.

Ok, I'm re-enlisting with the Army as a Signaller (Systems Engineer Technician), I've received back my 203 informing me that I'm ok to proceed, I've passed the BARB (85), RG8 has just been sent back and my employer has completed and sent off his reference.

Since leaving basic training 2.5 years ago, I've been working as a Systems Engineer at a bank, and gained some qualifications and certifications in this area.

Now, on to my main reason why I've posted this.

I've been research Electronics Technician, and it's come down to this being my only real desire. Would it look bad to the careers office if I turned round to them and said this is what I want to be, even though 1) my last unit was in Signals, and 2) my commercial experience is in IT?

My second question is related to intake, such as numbers and how many times a year, as it is a specialist role, which I can imagine is limited. I'm in full time employment, so technically I can wait for a place to come free; however, I would like to start my Army career again, ASAP.

Any advice from those in the know?



P.S. Sorry for the long winded post :oops:
You really need to discuss this with your Recruiting Sergeant mate because unless rules have changed recently (been out of Recruiting a few years) your 203 would of gone to the Sigs Desk officer in Glasgow MCM. Theyve accepted you on that basis so far and a further 203 might have to be sent up to the REME Desk officer for acceptance to continue through the process or even for SO2 Recruiting (Big Boss)to give the go ahead. This may of been explained beforehand that you only have one job preference as a Re-enlister????? Also remember you dont have any rights of DAOR this time either.

Regarding the Avionics Tech choice if the desk officer gives the go ahead its a good job but its better going onto the REME forumn and asking some of the SPOTTERS (sorry I meant techs) on there but beware of us black hand trades on there. There are limited courses and the basic trade courses last between 12-18 months.
Hi The_IRON,

Thanks for replying.

Now that explains why the Sgt didn't ask me for my job preferences this time round. It also explains why he asked me to be certain about re-enlisting as a Sig. I understand that I have no right of DAOR this time round, which I'm happy with, as I didn't leave due to the Army, but personal reasons involving family member and life threatening disease, though it could have been handled differently in retrospective.

It's unnerving going from well paid, cushy home life to Army life, as I won't truly know what I'm giving up and getting myself in to until I'm there.

It's more nerve racking knowing that I have to give up this job, with no guarantees that I will pass basic, or clearance, etc.

I think I will stick with my original choice then and hope for the best - just hope that with the new restructuring, it doesn't change too much from the job description, and that I will still be able to secure the Lance Jack promo after phase 2 - fingers crossed!
about the specialist roles, you ave to wait until the end of phase 2 until you can sign up but there is a selection process for that too i think (within the army) and it depends on what specialist role eg marine, para, diver. tell tell your career adviser and they will tell you more than i can and maybe put you down as a recomendation.

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