Current Situation In Iran?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by My_Shortcoming, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. I've been out of touch with the news recently and have only small bits of information from the net on Irans current status.
    Something to do with Iran wanting Nukes and Russias happy to back them up but the UN is saying No thanks and so is all the other countrys.
    Could someone give me a rundown of how this all started and whats happening about it (and if what ive heard is true or not)
    Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been answered somewhere else i looked but couldn't see it.
  2. Have you been in space or something?
  3. :) No i've been either at work, at school. doing homework wilst listening to music or sleeping.
  4. Basicaly it started when Iran said to the U.S. "we'll stop our nuclear programe if you give us weapons grade Uranium and shell casings", and the yanks did so, and ill let you figure out what happened next
  5. Hmm, not the brightest idea, I'm guessing theres a rising chance of conflict on the way?
  7. Thanks ill have a gander at it.
  8. Sadly Iran is the next place for it all to kick off after afgan!
  9. Is the Iranian army good? Afghan wouldnt be as organised as the Iranians.
  10. Afgan is going to get messy once it all starts over there. For the whole reason that the british troops are taking away there living that they have had for many years!! Iran has got a proper army but is at least 3 years off!!
  11. Iran has alot of underground stuff and some pretty nasty planes i think.
  12. Yeah and the rest!!!
  13. lol, mortars anyone?
  14. Shan't sell my desert boots on Ebay just yet then :lol: