Current security situation in Basra?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Taji, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone - I'd like to get some opinions about the current security situation in Basra for British journalists. Is there anyone there at the moment who can give an indication if the situation has improved lately: is movement easier, are the streets safer, is the Iraqi military/police in control? etc.

  2. Are you a journo?

    If so you can't be a very good one, I'm sure a decent Journo would have better contacts on this sort of thing than asking on an open Internet forum where anyone could tell you anything.

    For example, Basra is great. To make the right impression I reccomend going for a stroll eating a bacon butty and eyeing up all the women you can - you may get lucky! To make good friends and to secure that all important Interview make sure that you offer a bite of your bacon butty to everyone you meet.

    See what I did there? :roll:
  3. Joking aside, I'm trying to gauge a range of opinions from non-official sources (i.e. not FCO). Anyone aware of specific threats to journalists?

    Whiskey_60, I have "better" contacts, but I also value the opinion of service members.
  4. Like "Fooking do one or we'll break your legs."?

    Or do you mean more along the lines of "Dear Journo, bomb en route, yours sincerely, I. S. Gent."?

    I daresay it's not brilliant...
  5. Haven't been to Iraq before, but I've been to Gaza, Southern Lebanon and Algeria. Wondering how Basra would compare...
  6. I might be getting trawled to Basra next year, anyone know if it's stil getting mortored? Never been before.
  7. Surely the security compagny you've arranged can brief you about the situation in Basra in detail?

    Many thoughts come to my mind....
  8. Well the weathers about the same.
  9. Surely a wah