Current SA80 Mods To Become The Norm??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by the_wolf, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. I remember reading a DIN (2009 its dated) which stated that the quad rail handguard which is currently in use in theatre is to be fitted to all weapons over slow time.

    We received a substantial number of these quite a while ago as a task issue and still have them, along with the new front vertical grip/bipod thing. However due to the type of unit we are we most certainly didnt need them on our last deployment. I assume we still have them for the reason i said above but has anyone heard an update on this and if there is a timeframe for this to happen.

    Many thanks
  2. My Regt deploys in sub units only, and as each deploys their rifles are getting the MOD's, however we have to go through Loan pool to get SUSATs, After the tour the SUSATs have to go back but as you said the MOD is here to stay.

    We now have a very funny looking rifles half moden and have dark age.
  3. Eclan (who I think are now Ratheyon Optics) were getting pretty excited that their OS4 sight had been picked as a replacement for SUSAT, for the FIST program, but whether that is still going to go ahead I don't know. The ACOG is certainly a superior sight.
  4. I heard the quad rail will take over in slow time, SUSATs will filter down to units with iron sights until the new sight is in Army wide. I think the Flash eliminator will be in theatre only due to lack of SBFS fitting.
  5. It is ELCAN and it is replacing SUSAT very soon for all weapons that had SUSAT (it also has a red dot system on top). Aimpoint Micro T1 will replace iron sight weapons. The sight lessons are already in Pam 36.
  6. So we'll carry on having two sight systems on the same weapon (as we have now with iron sight and SUSAT)?

    Will we still swap between one and the other when we go on ops? Why not just have one sight system for the whole Army and make training a hell of a lot simpler?
  7. After the ammount of units we have lost since the susat came in, and the ammount of infantry that have got that ACOG now there must be enough SUSAT's in the system to get rid of the Iron sight.
  8. It's the MoD.....what do you expect? They used up this century's decent ideas quota already :wink:
  9. quoted from: INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: ELCAN Optical Technologies
  10. I can see the advantages at close range, but how does the new sight compare to SUSAT at longer engagment ranges (e.g. 2-300m)?

    Any data from APWTs?
  11. The ELCAN is a x4 magnication sight the same as SUSAT! However, it doesn't have a sight drum, it has graticules up to 800m! It will also have a red dot system on the top!
    Aimpoint T1 will stay on the weapons that are issued with it for theatre/Op deployments
  12. Will they use the NATO sight bracket, or will a converter be used instead?
  13. It will have a weaver converter block, the same as the Aimpoint! We SOOooo need to go to picatinny and join the rest of the world!!!
  14. I think I can shed some light here:

    The eventual intent is to cascade the theatre std L85 including all ancillaries to all troops including trg depots.

    As most know, there is no in service SBFS for the surefire flash hider - this is a YET statement as it is being looked at now.

    The Elcan sight you will be getting if you are a FIST user as these are the only user group to get it is not the spectre type with an adjustable magnification, it is straight x4 only and yes it will have a mini red dot on the top and an illuminated graticule.

    Those same FIST users will get a picatinny rail convertor in order to fit the Elcan sight to their rifle.

    We will actually have x 4 sighting systems for a period of time, Iron sight, Susat, ACOG and the Elcan. It is the intention to phase out the iron sights over an extended period of time and whilst you may have a different optical sight in the future, it is intended to fit the same graticule in all rifle optics so at least the sight picture looks the same and the training burden will be minimal - this may not happen due to cost though, converting existing sights is not cheap on the scale we will need to achieve

    The ACOG sight was a UOR only and will eventually be withdrawn, like it or not, it was trialled against the Elcan and the Elcan was selected.

    Also, A universal cleaning kit that covers most small calibers that is commonly used by your average Inf Soldier should be ready later this year for issue it will cover 5.56, 7.62, 9mm, 40mm and 12g.

    And no the MoD has not run out of good ideas for this century, it has however run short of money the same as every other government department and must rationalise it's spending to ensure it gets best vfm in every case. This does take time and ensures that you dont constantly get a stream of shit issued to you - it has happenind in the past, there is no denying that, however, it is not the default option anymore. Trials and testing doesn't come cheap or easy, if you worked with the MoD in departments like the one I do, then you will understand this and would not be so flippant about the good kit and equipment you are currently getting, some people have worked very hard to achieve this on your behalf.

    And out of interest, who do you think uses the Aimpoint T1 and why do you think we are getting the weaver converter rail, it may be something like it but no decision has been made yet on which one it will be.
  15. As regards the furnature in the SA-80. I think it's pretty vital that units get used to them in training to make sure the firing process is more instinctive out in Afghanistan. As for SUSAT being a problem as the army will have two siting systems, I guess they aren't going to phase out the Iron sight for Jungle conditions; so the Army will have at least two siting systems anyway. If SUSAT is going spare I have no problems in using it rather than sitcking it on the shelf.

    What are the advantages of Elcan over ACOG?