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Tonight I was weak in spirit and succumbed to the temptation of having a peak at the Royal Navy website.

Eeek, when did that all change?

Huge, vertically-expansive pages with randomly-distributed elements. Yet each page nearly devoid of any content ( other than pictures of lovely sailors ).

Home page screenshot attached as an example. You have to read every 'box' and 'circle' to see if it's relevant and what content there might be is hidden in carousels; necessitating even more clicky and a change of mindset from vertical to horizontal.

It's even worse on a phone, scrolls for miles.

By contrast ( am I actually about to say this? ) the RAF website is quick, succint and well laid-out. And the Army one isn't bad either.


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Behind every unusable disaster of a website stands some bellend drinking 'an artisan decaf mocca' and picking up a pat yourself on the back award from other web designers and spouting about 'ideating' or somesuch.

Not that I'm bitter of course.

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