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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Grumblegrunt, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    in bielefeld at the mo as lil bro is off to get a wintertan at the end of the month with 1gs.

    anyway he's dug out the giant bag of freebies they've given him and we are trying to decide what and how many pouches to hang on his osprey.

    there is a ridiculous amount so no wonder its being burnt as there is -

    1 first aid
    1 lmg 100 rd
    1 ugl for 8 grenades
    1 water bottle
    1 admin
    2 small pistol mag size
    2 utility
    3 smoke
    3 frag
    1 3 mag
    4 2 mag
    4 1 mag
    4 open 1 mag
    1 camelbak
    1 mini panel - stackers for the use of I guess.

    I think I remembered it all, maybe more grenade pouches but not much.

    he reckons they are going to be told nothing metal containing on the front of the vest (so you cant get secondary shrapnel) which narrows the options down a bit but anyway can I have some ideas as to what others are doing as while I am still better at packing planning I never quite got over the loss of my 58 beltkit when exchanged for plce :)
  2. Mine has Admin Panel and PRR on the front, Ammo pouch with ECB & CAT + Pistol pouch with Morphine on the right rear (behind arm) and that's it, the rest is one of Boris9038(?)s belt with 1x pistol mag & 3 x double mag pouches on the left Holster & pistol mag on the right.

    The remaining pouches can get fixed in a variety of ways to the Patrol Sack.

    BTW he's lucky as I was only issued 2x Ammo Pouch, 2x 9mm pouch, 1x Utility & 1x First Aid pouch.......mind you this was in country as RTMC "didn't have Osprey to issue"
  3. Most people I saw (but I was a FOBit) went with med pouch on the right, as far round as you can but allowing access and the double mag pouches on the left (but same detail). Admin pouches were in short supply so I used the front of the med pouch for my cards/compass etc. Everything else went in the day sack.
  4. What about just taking his issue webbing and keeping it simple?
  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    1 x waterbottle
    2 x utility
    4 x 2 mag

    day pack with camelback in it - not too big, not too small, find one goldilocks would have approved of.

    Leave as much crap behind as you can get away with.

    secondary shrapnel? people come up with a new flavour of ridiculous shit to big themselves up every decade or so. As if you not going to get blasted from the rear or sides only the front.
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  6. I've argued this point to death in the past as I wondered how IED's knew which way we were facing. In the days of PLCE pouches I'm sure people were getting 30rd magazines heading in the general direction of their arm pits too.

    My main argument for not having kit on your front is because its all but impossible to climb walls or get comfortably in the prone with all those pouches on your front. Fair do's the odd combi tool/ffd/Tams pouch etc isn't a great problem but when you're carrying 180rds 55.6 plus 3 or 4 grenades on your belly then you start to have issues. PLCE for me every time.
  7. Nothing to do with which way you are facing...

    The fact is that your head and face stick out over the front of your body, and it doesn't take too much of an impact to cause serious facial trauma. Rules like this are based on bitter experience, and if not carrying all sorts of shite on your front doesn't impact operational effectiveness (and might even encourage some to leave the kitchen sink in the FOB), then I would err on the side of caution.
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  8. GB, That is the most common sense answer I have seen on arrse for a long time - cut it out or they will all be at it!
  9. What can I say - You're right.

    I still think that the policy is a bit linear (Unlike the path of projectiles). Just because I'm carrying my mess tins and hexi stove above my right arrse cheek doesn't mean that when I'm running and looking over my right shoulder and activate an ID I'm not going to have my left eye poked out by the handle passing through my face at 250mph. I know a bloke who had the eyelets out of his mates boots stuck in his shins and he was 15feet away when it happened.

    Personally I would just make everyone pass an obstacle course un-assisted followed by a shoot in their kit before deploying. When they find they can't negotiate the obstacles or comfortably get in the prone and operate the weapon I'd offer advice to the few who still decided to load their pouches on the front based on the information you have just given me.

    If they were really worried about things leaving the ground heading skywards they would have invested in todger protection equipment long ago.
  10. I wish that were the case.

    Sadly whilst we are ahead of the US Army on this one, it took far too long to get in place. Which is all the more suprising (and frustrating) given that this was around in 1945:

  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You're wandering around draped in ammunition and explosive and what happens - you get people whittering on about the dangers of of your boot eyelets hitting on the forehead when your feet get blown off. Please toddle off back to the comfy chair before you start telling us all about how one should always carry a spare pair of boots with you, how your waterproofs should be worn under your uniform - that hypothermia is your imagination and never use a sling as you'll never be in the position to have to use both hands whilst carrying a rifle.

    Please go and talk shit to the simple minded - they might believe your "bitter experience" bullshit - personally people should use their common sense.
  12. What a load of balls, secondary shrapnel the kit has to go somewhere and as long as it's molled on correctly things hitting you in the grid shouldn't be much of a problem just read the leaflet you get when you get the new osprey!!!!!
  13. Have to start molle clipping your weapon system to your Body Armour. I'll let you go first with the GPMG and a 50rd belt on.

    It's alright for me. I'm not playing anymore so getting a face full of CEFO shouldn't be an issue for me.

    Edit to add - On a serious note it does make me laugh when they spin these sh1t policies off. They're basically saying "Listen. You're not gonna have any legs left, you'll probably lose your crown jewels and to be honest your body armour is potentially going to be fcuk all use because a lot of crap is going to pass up the inside of it and through the gaps in your arm pit, shoulder and neck area but at least you wont get hit in the face with your silva compass."

    It's true it 'could' protect you but seeing as you are going to have to get blown up to benefit from the policy its all a bit silly.

    Basically like every bit of NBC/CBRN training we ever did, ever.
  14. Ahh, the font all of military knowledge speaks again...

    I'm not even going to bother arguing with you - you seem to have enough answers and experience from your time in South Africa to equip all of us.

    However, those who do actually have some knowledge of what's going on in Afghanistan would tend to argue that experience from real casualties (something we have too many of right now) leads us to make changes to equipment and TTPs, which produce clear results in terms of effects to the man on the ground.

    Disbelieve it if you insist - but to be honest, your opinion doesn't really matter.
  15. If you unlucky enough to step on an IED then the least of your worries I getting some 9liner cards in the grid, your gonna have to be operated on for hours anyway so on the words of one of the surgeons from H13 " we spend hours taking foreign objects out of a blast victim I wouldn't be too worried about the latest clean osprey fad" .