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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ABZ_Dave, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi all. I'm wondering if perhaps the people in the know can enlighten me slightly.

    My scenario is, i'm 26 years old, i currently hold down a job, which is paying for my bills at the moment. My bills aren't huge, their about £230/month (excluding parents dig money and fuel for work), give or take a tenner or two.

    I'm going to be joining, i reckon probably in about 2-3 months, once i get my fitness to a standard i'm happy with, but what is concerning me, is if i loose my current job, and get rejected from the army for whatever reason, i'll have no job either?

    My question is, when i sign up, will i have to quit my current job before i can attend selection, medical etc, and if i get accepted, will i have enough time to serve a months notice to my work?

    Thanks :)
  2. Short answer, No! You will need to take time off to dissapear for interviews and selection. You should get enough warning on your start date to hand in your notice although this is not guarenteed.
  3. Longer answer, yes! Leave your job as soon as you can. When you start the selection process, the Army will see you have demonstrated the required commitment and that is always a good thing. I don't know of anyone who has been refused entry having informed the Army they left their job to join.
  4. Alighty, thanks! All i wanted to know! :)
  5. I'll get on it first thing tomorrow! Maybe if i sh!t on my managers desk and have a punch up in the office to boot, it'll show i have adequate testosterone for the job in hand. Besides, who really gives a toss about bills anyway? :)
  6. Good man. I like the cut of your jib...baaaaah ;-)
  7. How stupid, if you have bills to pay the army will hardly think it looks good if you quit your job while you have a 6 month wait in the application process. Stick with your job, carry on paying your bills and quit when you have definitly got yourself through the selection process.
  8. Humour really is lost on some people...
  9. You've obviously not heard of the AFRSA? Everyone who applies can get it. Sprog.
  10. Im in exactly the same situation as yourself....same age, scenario etc Stick with your current job....worst thing you can do is quit your job.....PM me if you need....I am allowed 25 days a year paid leave when ever I I am using them for my Army application..... as much as you want join asap, it doesn't work like that, have patience...I quit my job and expected to be in within 3 months...then i was told it was 9 months, then I got deferred for my medical then that has pushed it back about a year! stick with it though....the end is will soon come round...
  11. don't quit you're job mate, if you have an employee handbook available read it most employers will grant special leave for armed forces training so if unfortunately you do fail you will still have a job, but don't sit here reading these posts if you're that determined get off you're ass and start training, then you'll get in for sure.
  12. I really should have quoted, it wasn't your comment I was refering to. Obviously you're not stupid enough to quit your job.
  13. Shows Flashy he's entered the wrong door, NAAFIs over that way mate.

    Ok when you go through your interviews later on in the application your Recruiter will ask you how much notice you will need firstly for your two day ADSC then for leaving your current job. These dates will be inputted on TRHJ and the allocations ladies for both ADSC and Job allocation will not put you on during those dates.

    Do not give up your job till your just about to start at Phase 1 training after you have passed selection and gone into do your Oath.