Current issue ID discs?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ttaskmaster, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Thanks for your help,
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  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Issued prior to deploying to all pers. Taken back again for safe keeping when not on ops.

    Can't remember exact size but the are stainless steel discs about 3cm across, small hole drilled in top to take chain.

    I've seen both hand stamped and computer engraved.

    I'm sure the train spotters will point you in the right direction.
  3. As to where you can obtain some blank ones?

    Try any local pet shop.

    Though do try not to get the ones with little doggies around the edge :)
  4. "Where's Spoon?"

    "There is no, 'Spoon'..."
  5. It's probably one of the few things where accuracy doesn't matter. By the time they've been wrapped in black tape (to stop them rattling and keep the cold metal off the delicate soldier's chest), a couple of 10p pieces would do.
  6. Dog Tag 'Bumpers' are worn by some lads as opposed to the usual black and nasty used for taping discs together. Usualy a private purchace from the local PX if working with the septics otherwise they are blagged or traded for from the same souce.
  7. Long chain 80 cm and short one 10 cm.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It'll probably be easier and cheaper to get a bulk order made from a metal-works machine shop or the like. As stated above, we only seemed to get them issued out by the unit clerks whenever going on Exercise or on Operational Tours.

    They were never ubiquitous as with the Americans (no scene from any American war film doesn't feature dog tags swinging from around the cast members necks). A lot of lads used to stow them in the top left hand pocket of their smocks, looping it through the button hole to secure it. In Iraq I got hold a "Dog Tag siencer kit" c/o an American PX (Post Exchange - the US version of our NAAFI, but more like an Ali Baba's cave of tax free everything). The kit included the black rubber rings that fit around the edges of the disc as well as a plastic tube to feed the long ball-chan through. The last bit was tricky till some genius figured out that plonking the plastic tube in boiling water so as to expanded the opening (ooh er!).

    Most guys never bothered, but the bloody clinking noise was driving me to distraction. As already mentioned, a lot of guys just black taped them up. Some didn't even o that far, instead they they'd stash them in the plastic sealed document holders that they carried their other ID in, which most people stuffed behind their front armour plate on their body armour (that was on the old body armour - don't know how thw new one works).

    Good luck with your production!
  9. Oxygen tubing proffed from the medics is often used to prevent the neck turning green as the cheapo plating wears off the chain.
  10. And stops you scorching the back of your neck when the chain heats up in hot, sandy places!
  11. Yank one's are a different shape as well so steer clear!
    And the silencers start off round, but stretch round the yank tags... DOH!
  12. Yeomans 99p - They are round, and a little larger than the tags, but do the job.
  13. just to let you know the order of information on the tags goes
    blood group

    the issue chains normally do but like others have said u can threat the chain through oxygen tubing to reduce irritation or another method is to do without the chain and use the white cord from the inside of paracord