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Discussion in 'REME' started by Mellowcat, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I've been waiting for a phase 1 date to start as electronics technician in REME for over a year, since I passed adsc. And I'm considering changing my job choice.
    So i was just wondering what manning levels are like in this trade? Not many people leaving REME? Or don't they need many electronic techs?
    I've spent hours going through this forum but most of the posts on this subject are dated back to 2006, and I'm sure things would of changed since then... or maybe not?

  2. Nope, nothings really changed since then. maybe changes after the Strategic defence Review that will most definately sit after the election.
  3. Dont give up hope, give the careers office a bell and ask them what the situation is!!!
  4. put your choice down as avionic technician at the careers office, the are a pinch point trade and crying out for men, once you have done phase one it will be a small matter to change to being an electronics tech as the trades are very similar,the first half of their training or so is identical and carried out together. Indeed the better scoring individuals get streamed as avionincs techs. So in essence to become an electronics tech all you would need do is preform poorly academically. which is, i believe, what most of them have traditionally done. :)
  5. arrse90 and naked-mole's advice is good - follow that up. Ensure that you are properly prepared for Phase 1 - the ACIO can advise you.
    Tech Av just received a Financial Retention Incentive for Class 1s in years of Srevice 7-9.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I contacted my recruiter and he explained to me that there isn't many vacancies within this trade and generally they never struggle for people. The next intake is in August, so hopefully I will get on that one.
    As for putting down my choice as avionics technician, the job title is avionics/electronics technician in the careers office, so technically your applying for that job as well.
    Oh well all is not lost, managed to get my head around a level maths and get my fitness up (recruiter's advice).
  7. Definately practice your maths! I did the basic electronics (then I did avionics trade training) in 1997 so things may be different now, but then the course started with a maths segment and that weeded out an awful lot of people!, and most of those didnt become technicians.

    Once the course starts the pace is relentless, fall behind or fail bad enough and you wont get the chance to become a technician! Only 5 of the original 20 on my basic electronics course finished (though a number where back coursed) so dont just assume that if you get a place you will become a have to earn it!

    Someone who has been to Arborfield more recently might be able to give you some up to date pointers, but i would imagine the standards are still high.
  8. Mellowcat, what grading did you get from adsc. Your recruiter should be able to get info from Recruiting Group to give you an indication of when loading is likely. The better the grade the sooner you should get loaded and of course someone applying tomorrow who gets a better grade get considered first. Hope this helps.
  9. Ok thanks Colonel, and i got a grade B.
  10. mellowcat im currently going through the phase 2 for avionics/electronics tech so feel free to PM me with any questions you may have on the course