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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kip59, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    my nephew is trying for the dizzy heights of corporal in the acf, he has just asked me about doing 'albert turner' on the march. oh ****!!!!

    having left the jock guards some 27 years ago i thought i would ask for some help.

    does anyone have any links to or know where i can source a drill manual to help.

  2. For Cpl, he won't need to teach any further than their 1* syllabus which is static drill and marching in a straight line. If he hasn't got the hang of that yet, he shouldn't be too concerned over whether he'll get Cpl or not.

    Unless he's got a particularly over-keen silly-**** drill-pig AI on his unit, nobody will be too bothered about whether it's all done in 'pirbright patter' or whatever. All that 'Taking you one stage further' bollocks is not a requirement. If he does have the aforementioned type of AI, there will no doubt be countless copies of the drill manual in each of it's revisions lying around the unit.

    In short - you shouldn't need to print it all out. Save the world - don't worry about it!
  3. aahh the voice of reason


    so its a case of ask for help or RTFM!!
  4. If you're determined to dig up the manual, you could look at this: cadre/About Turn in Quick Time(09).doc

    No idea where they pinched it from though!
  5. It's a case of, if it actually matters, there'll be more than enough lying around.

    Chances are, it doesn't matter, and he should spend his reading time ironing his uniform. After all, the drill instructor should be dressed to a higher standard than his students!
  6. therealbigdizzle

    thanks, point taken


    thanks, eventually got that link working. oh **** me, a right walk down memory lane!!! lol

    all that 'in' and all the rest!! even more memory jogging as i lived in honkers for 7 years. what a blast.
  7. I'm embarrassed to admit I know this but I'll excuse myself by claiming to run the local Remembrance Parade. He needs a copy of Air Cadet Publication (ACP) 19. Their Kent mob have helpfully put it up here.
  8. Idrach

  9. Tell him to join the LI. I was 7 Royal Anglian but drilled with 5LI for a few months as a STAB when I was seconded at work.

    The drill was a complete mystery to me. Even got jailed briefly at Winchester for being such a shambles. I'm sure you can blag any old command with Rifles drill and get away with it.