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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chris_furniss, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guy's

    My name is Chris and i am currently a Engineering Design Student at Coventry University. I looking at redesigning the body armour worn by you guys to protect your arms and legs possibly.

    What i am after is your experiences of body armour to help me with the designing of product.

    Thanks for your time

    Please contact me on
  2. Chris.

    You will get endless, but invaluable, opinion through this site. However, I suggest that you make contact with the Clothing and Textiles IPT (Integrated Project Team) in the DLO (Defence Logistic Organisation). They are the gurus and are responsible for the current kit. As a student on a project, I am certain that they would be happy to meet/speak and share their experience with you. Good Luck.

    PM me for the contact details and be advised that it is not a wise move to publish your own contact details openly. You might wish to edit your post if you don’t want you inbox to be overloaded with gash.

  3. Also DMCS Shrivenham do a good bit of work on ballisitc protection, they are usually helpfull.
  4. have created an online survey for you to answer

    Copy the URL into your Internet Explorer and fill out as much as you can

    Please pass it arround your mates to complete to. The more people who can complete it the better it will be.

  5. Chris. The Company that produce the current body Armour is NP Aerospace, they situated in Coventry try them for info.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Hmmm, lack of research there then if he's actually at Cov Uni.
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    More to the point, why doesn't the survey link point to

  8. Guy's i am not a journo!

    Look my i am not an Expert with Html software, also it was the quickest and easiest system to implement and get results- if you want me to prove who i am then their is my university email address - contact me!
  9. Clearly not a typing/spelling expert either....