Current Body Armour - Your Experiences

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chris_furniss, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guy's

    My name is Chris and i am currently a Engineering Design Student at Coventry University. I looking at redesigning the body armour worn by you guys with the aim to protect your arms and legs possibly.

    What i am after is your experiences of body armour to help me with the designing of product. Along with suitable improvements which you require.

    Thanks for your time

    Please contact me on
  2. Typical science student. No regard for grammar.

    BTW - good luck. How is the redesign and production of our CBA going to be funded?
  3. Good on you Chris...

    Nice to see a civvy on the plus side and I hope your research produces some useful food for thought.

    Remember mobility is increadibly important... if you get too heavy and can't do anything after leapfrogging for a hundred meters then you'd be better off starkers. The spine (heart) and skull are the only things that are going to get you deaders before you can say "ouch" so there has to be priority in whatever you're designing. I don't know much about traumatic amputation but that might lead you to up-priortise the joints... anyway good luck.
  4. Whilst slightly off topic, (this is the NAAFI after all) do any of you old sweats remember the original flak jackets issued for NI?
    The ones we received in 73 had a post card in the pocket asking the wearer to post it back to the makers if they got hit wearing it, the questions continued to ask if the hit was fatal!?!
  5. Guy's

    Thanks for your blogs. They are all really helpful with my report. What I am currently writing is a research report on the current body armour. Once my report is near completion I will post a copy of the abstract on the forum for you to discus. Please pass the forum details and my email address on to friends and family who are in the armed forces. The more people who I can speak to the better my report will be.

    Ideally I would like to borrow a Combat Vest for a few days to understand what they are like to wear.

    Please keep responding on the forum


  6. Buddy the body armour we get on Operations is brand new.It has saved lives already .Its called Osprey and I doubt very much that you will be able to get hold of a set.Its a little heavy but you get used to it.As a poster has just said ,you have to have mobility otherwise we would all be patrolling in Kevlar suits.Another factor is the heat , on Telic 8 we had tempretures of in excess of 55 degrees.So you can imagine how un-comfortable that was in Body-armour.I wish you look however I think you are about one year too late.
  7. I was on my way home last night and started thinking about your project. I thought it might be worth your while to do some historical research:

    It would be interesting to know the fatality cause data (heavy bullet 10g+, light bullet, fragmentation, blast, poetry) - including the location on the body. If you know what kills most it could change the way you look at the design.
  8. Thanks for your response.

    I am currently investigating two new ideas which have been recently discovered which could dramaticly reduce the weight. It is currently going through testing at the moment. One of these uses a coated kevlar which is around 20% lighter and is really flexible.

    So it will be lighter, provide better protection and give you more mobility.

    I hope this clears some of your suspicions about my report and possible design.

    I realise that your mobility is greatly important - The current ideas i have got are related to designing it for the arms and legs (possibly in the clothing)
  9. Chris,

    is your work linked in any way to the Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) or Personal Equipment and Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) programmes?

  10. Chris.

    You have 2 parallel threads running on the same topic. This has drawn more responses, so I am not sure whether you saw my comments on the Defence Clothing and Textiles IPT on your other thread. I really do suggest that this is your best route to get hands-on and discuss past, present and future body armour.

    PM me if you want contact details.
  11. B

    No my work is not linked to the FIST or PECOC programmes. As part of my course i have to write a research report about a problem and invesitgate solutions to the problem. I was watching the news and saw a piece about the CBA (current body armour) and the problems.

    I hope this clears a few things up.

  12. Chris,

    Have you spoke to anyone at the Defence College of Management and Technology/Cranfield University?

    They may be able to help.
  13. apfsdsdu

    I haven't contacted any one yet at either the Defence College or Cranfield University - but i will try and give them a call regarding my work etc... this week



  14. combat, my man.
  15. Chris, you tried speaking to someone in Bicester DLO, as a military woman with slightly larger than average breasts but a fully fit and active soldier(ie I m not a fat munter lads before you start) they made a set before I deployed to Iraq. We spent a couple of weeks going through different designs, types, shapes etc with civvie and military designers A very careful process that resulted in a set made to measure and holds the girls in without preventing me getting in the prone position comfortably. Be worth speaking to the ladies who actually make it. They are looking after us well.