Current Best Specifications for a Desktop?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know what is the current best specifications for a desktop, Graphics card, hard drive size, power etc.?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Amazing, Thanks for that, not looking for a cheap desktop, was wondering what the current top specs are for a desktop, any idea?

  3. Actually, Gundulph (was that the park in Hameln?), that's not really a bad specification - you could always buy a decent graphics card to stick in it. Then it would be a pretty decent machine. I've looked around and that is quite a good price, even compared to building one with the same spec, due to coming with a copy of Vista worth 140 quid.

    Although, if you are looking to spend an obscene amount, try looking around the AlienWare website (though they are very, very expensive)... although I would recommend building one, as you can save a huge amount that way (and you can always download a dogdy version of Windows Vista to save yourself a huge sum, too.).

    Hope that helps,

  4. I can strongly recommend any one of the new Intel Mac's. Mac's can now run any "spit" Windows based applications, just quicker with half the RAM. Better made than most PC's with better integrated hardware and excellent back up.
  5. Thanks guys...

    I will check the Alien website place out...

  6. That looks a pukka deal. 400 quid??............any known drama with this kit because i'm looking to replace my beeta-max desktop at the moment!!
  7. It's guaranteed for three years. My folks have also bought a couple of PC's from Aldi, and the same make and have never had any dramas.

    I also had a laptop made by the same company that I bought from Dixons and that lasted me pretty well until I broke it (was squaddy proof, but only until a point).

    But I am also toying with the idea of picking one up, and I really cannot afford it.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    the best machine you can get at the moment if you don't want to build it yourself is actually a Mac with 2 dual core CPU's, (so 4 processors!) its called the Mac Pro, and you can spec one up at

    For windows, a high spec machine would be a Dual Core Extreme processor, 2Gb+ of RAM, 750Gb+ H/D and a graphics card with at least 512Mb, on a fast MoBo
  9. Mr Happy,

    Sounds like the computer specs for the Space Shuttle :headbang:

    Thanks for this,

  10. If you minded to go for the best then the only real way to get the top spec is to build yourself:

    Intel Duo Quad Core - £630
    EVGA S775 MB - £180
    4 Gig Corsair XMS2 RAM - £360
    Western Digital 10,000 rpm HD - £150
    2 x 8800 Factory OC in SLI - £850
    Energymax 1000W PSU - £210
    Creative XFi Soundcard - £80-£190
    Dell 30" LCD monitor - £1000

    Keyboard and mouse to choice.

    Plenty of OC space fi you want to water cool, even if you dont its about the best spec that you can get from factory standard parts at the moment.

    Oh and Use XP Pro or MCE not vista as its slower for most applications and the 8800 drivers are mega unstable.
  11. '2 x 8800 Factory OC in SLI - £850'

    I'm Ass-uming that these are the graphic cards?

    Edeted for mongness
  12. Just remember that with a 30" monitor, you are going to need a seriously powerful graphics card if you want to get the best out of it so no cutbacks in the graphics card department!!

    (I'd still recommend a mac though)