Current and past roles of 232 signal squadron

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by born_to_solder, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Lads,
    Could do with any assistance you may have to offer. I am looking for any information with regard to the ROLE of 232 signal sqn (7 Sigs) past and present, please reframe from posting the fact that it is shyte!!
    As we have just handed all our kit over to 22 sigs (treat yourselves) all info has been removed from the lines, typically just as i need it!!

    Many thanks.
  2. From memory, based at Paderborn as an independent Sig Sqn, as part of 4ADSR well it was in 1984 (when I arrived at 4 Div) before going over to 3 ADSR (I think) in either 86/87
  3. I was at 7 Sigs in Herford when 3 Sqn was disbanded and 232 was formed. It was a radio sqn at the time (HF & VHF)
  4. I was in 5 Sqn 7 sigs when it moved to 232 end of 92 beginning 93 we were not happy bunnys at the time as we had already forked out for sqn t shirts and rugby tops and we had a really good camaraderie at the time.

    5 Sqn just before the move to 232 consisted of MAN (Major AccessNode)Troop
    Alpha 5 troop armd det 232's 236's etc and Corps lightening Troop Royal engineers.The OC at the Time was Maj Steve Marshall MBE who sadly past away a few weeks ago.

    I was then posted shortly after mid 93
  5. That said Scouse you always wanted to be in 4 Sqn!!! :D