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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Firstly, my apologies for not having been able to give as much time to this forum in recent times as normal, but life gets like that sometimes.

    I've returned, to find several PM's from posters asking, what the hell is going on in Current Affairs.

    There is considerable disquiet at the number of topics that are hijacked, bone or just pure and utter dross.

    On reading through Current Affairs this afternoon, I am frankly appalled at the sheer amount of garbage, be it tabloidesque, bigoted, agenda-driven or just absolutely irrelevant and I share the concerns that have been expressed.

    I and others, have worked hard on this forum over the last 5 years to create what was regarded in some quarters, as one of the finest Current Affairs forums available in Britain today.

    The forum had no discernable political bias, save perhaps 'small c' conservatism , and contributors argued and debated across the political spectrum.

    Arrse CA was read and contributed to , from the highest levels of Government, including the Prime Minister's office , The Lords, Parliament , Whitehall and the media and respected as a forum where posters knew of what they spoke, and presented their views in an erudite fashion.

    The topics were invariably centered around matters that affected the Armed Forces, and senior Army Officers, and civil servants, regarded it as a very useful weather vane.

    Matters raised and discussed here, have been implemented as policy, or have been used to finesse or re-approach issues concerning us.

    The sheer knowledge and experience exhibited here on many occasions, almost a "Forces Brains trust" if you will , attracted considerable interest.

    Arrse CA was invariably the first morning visit of those who are in a position to make a difference , be they our Lords and Masters or the Media.

    Arrse CA was a forum of influence , and a stunning testament to those posters that worked so hard to make it so.

    There was a time when I could disappear for weeks at a time, come back and find I had minimal corrective moderation to do, such was the quality of posts and posters

    However of late, we seem to have attracted utter dross, be they posters or topics.

    Topics are bone, lazy, ill-researched or just plain irrelevant. The influx of agenda-driven posters is a matter for concern too.

    The number of never-served civilians, who think posting racist diatribe will somehow win friends and influence people in the Forces seems to have increased.

    The number of civvies posting ill-conceived garbage, of little or no relevance or interest, or even any pertinence to this forum is alarming.

    Stop regarding this forum as a JAIF (just another Internet Forum). It is not.

    I am sick and tired of reading this forum, and finding either yet another regurguitated factually-incorrect Daily Hate originated topic about muslims, more "Gordon Brown is a cnut" with subsequent contributions being "yeah, what he said" and crap in a similar vein.

    I am sick and tired of seeing posts made by people with Internet tourettes ,who think it's big and clever to fill a post with invective. It's not. Read the rules of the forum.

    I am sick and tired of watching good and interesting topics, wrecked by the terminally ignorant, who simply haven't got the intellectual ability to contribute, so invariably drag a topic down to a level they and the single-celled can understand.

    The forum is called "Current Affairs and Analysis". It used to be about exactly that , and some very very good material was generated. Now it may just as well be called "Agenda-driven posting which will be the same as the last agenda-driven topic"

    So here's what's going to happen. Persist in Agenda-driven posts and there will be a blank space where Arrse used to be on your monitor.

    Persist in posting garbage -Ditto

    Persist in pointless ranting invective -Ditto

    Persist in thread hijacking - Ditto

    Do not think for one second, that the length of time you have been a member, or contributions to Arrse somehow gives you a Gold Pass to post sh1t on this forum, it doesn't. Persistent offending will earn you an 02 thief or in extremis, result in you being culled from this site.

    I and others , by which I mean quality posters, have worked too long and too hard on this forum, to see it destroyed by the machinations of a few.

    This was one of the finest forums on the net regarding issues that affect us, and it will be so again, and I don't care who I upset to get it back there.
  2. There's an old naval saying PTP. " When the Cat's away, the mice will act like shitehouse rats" [you being the cat]
    Just put anything untoward into the NAAFI or delete inapropriate comment as usual. Including mine when I've had too much Merlot.

    edited once for too much Merlot induced typos
  3. Welcome back.
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Well PTP why don't you get off the fence & tell us what you really think :wink:
    Have to agree though, quite a number of threads should have been strangled at birth.
  5. Along with the poster thereof
  6. What a rant!
  7. PTP glad your back the CA forum has been hijacked and abused badly recently, arrse is the poorer for it too.
  8. Accurate as PTP's diatribe on dross is, it only goes to highlight that censorship and removing of opinions is rife on ARRSE and therefore how can what is allowed to remain be 'reflective' or a 'weather vane' of opinion.

    Contensious I know, but food for thought....
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Because some should have been in the NAAFI or gone straight to the hole where the thread would have received the attention it deserved.
  10. Have to agree PTP. I've found myself less and less interested in reading Current Affairs, let alone post, for the very reasons you identify.
  11. That's all well and good, but a lot just 'disappear' and that's not good. Lock them, hole them, move them, but don't just make them 'disappear'.
  12. Chuffed to bits, will start reading it again if it gets back to its former glory.
  13. I have found my enthusiasm for the CA forum waining of late, in no small part to the <see PTP's post>.

    The CA forum was the biggest reason I kept coming back to arrse. The level of debate, on all sorts of subjects, was something which could not be found elsewhere. I for one would welcome a return to 'the glory days' even if the process is a little painful.

    PTP, your efforts are appreciated.

    (having said that, I suspect that everyting I have ever posted falls into the "dross" category. oh well, we cant all be rocket surgeons.)

  14. Thank you PTP.
  15. Absolutely it is... it's this particular corner that's been fetching my eyeballs back over the years. So get in there me auld china ;)