Current affairs?

Right hello there everyone.
Soon i have my first interview and the sgt said i need to look up on current affairs.
i know there is a current affairs section on here but i was wondering what will he expect me to know?

I did mine last friday. He asked me about current army operations, recent army peacekeening/ humanitarian aid projects, other things the armys currently up to aswell.
There-that was'nt so hard, was it?
General current affairs really.

Whose in charge, Top dogs in the Army at the moment etc...
Why we are in Afganistan...
Current stories in the news about the Army and defence pay/budget etc

I'm in the same boat, first interview on the 15th April

Good luck!
You could also try:

The news (any channel)
Radio 4, The Today Program
Any paper without red on the front

And form your own opinions.

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