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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Mac_25, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, i'm preparing for AOSB Briefing at the moment and wandered if there was anybody who has any literature that covers major world affairs from 2009- Present? Any help on current affair preperation would be highly regarded.
    Thanks guys.
  2. Have you tried the internet? I believe it's full of news and more besides.

    Alternatively, you could just read a decent newspaper, watch Newsnight and keep your eyes and ears open to what's happenning in the world around you.
  3. If this is the level of effort you're prepared to put into something as life-changing as AOSB, I suspect 'Big Issues' will feature prominently in your future.
  4. And you want to become an army officer?
  5. Tune the wireless to Radio 4 or even Radio 5 Live.
  6. Mac_25 whilst your quite clearly new to this forum and the whole officer selection process a little effort on your behalf wouldn't go amiss. What is a 'current' affair today may not be next week. Read the papers, read the economist etc. You won't get far expecting to be spoon fed.

    P.S i believe you "wondered" not "wandered" but that's a completely different thread altogether! :p
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    "Is Arrse the preferred method for MoD to disseminate information?"
  8. Bloody spelling nazi.

    But you were obviously happy with the spelling of 'preparation'. :)
  9. :lol: That's the problem with being a smart arse...comes round and bites you in the arse! Seig hiel!
  10. Try to develop opinions around all the classic moral issues such as abortion and immigration etc. It is important to be able to understand and empathise with other peoples ideas so learn to evaluate both sides of every argument.

    The Week is very good for current affairs as it does with the news what I have attempted to describe above by publishing excerpts from different publications around each specific issue it analyses.

    As someone suggested Radio 4 is very good. Would recommend the following:

    Any Questions
    Any Answers
    The World Tonight
  11. Sieg Heil
  12. Being half German i think i might know how it's spelt Rinaldi, and being only half German means my other half is English which means i have a sense of humour....i leave you to work out what that means :D
  13. For some strange reason I'm feeling in a benevolent mood today having vented plenty of steam on the "Why The Tories Have Lost The Next Election" thread. Therefore I'm prepared to offer the OP a couple of pointers.

    As has been said read some quality papers between now & AOSB. Don't just look at the Times/Telegraph, have a squint at the Guardian/Indpentdent to see what the enemy (sorry, the other side of the political spectrum) are thinking.

    Try listening to Radio Four. "Any Questions" and "Any Answers" on a Friday night (repeated Saturday lunchtimes) offer stimulating debates on the issues of the day. If you can get round the political bias try the Today programme too. I don't own a television so can't comment on this, but while I believe most of the scheduled news bulletins have been dumbed down "Newsnight" & "Question Time" are pretty good value.

    If you are not part of the ACF-Jugend/OTC now could be the time to start reading up on the Army. I'll not recommend any particular books, just have a good search here. NB there is probably no need to get into Clausewitz/Sun Tsu at this stage. If you haven't done so sort yourself out with a bit of a jolly to London to visit the IWM/NAM. Visit any local Regimental Museums.

    Don't neglect the cultural. Read for pleasure, go to the cinema, theatre or galleries & so on. If you don't want such cerebral activities make sure you are pursuing some form of hobby. Don't worry if this is not a stereotypical Army Officer type activity as the Borg will Assimilate you soon enough. NB the cultivation of copious quantities of ganja or throwing yourself wholeheartedly into the Donk Music lifestyle are probably better avoided.

    Finally this publication may be of interest to get a feel for global trends. See if you can get your mitts on any prior issues.

    If you can do all these things then you will be a man my son (with a fighting chance of being selected for Officer training ;) )
  14. I figured I was probably wrong. See your above comment about being a smart arrse!
  15. Guilty as charged :lol: I think i should stop for fear of dragging the thread off topic!

    Mac_25 read the papers, and for a more in depth analysis download some podcasts from the bbc to listen to whilst running. Two birds with one stone and all that.