Curly Smith in Aden

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by weecurly, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. I've just came across this thread about the RScots in Aden. I can remember my ole man's stories about the Radfan etc. I don't know if any of you x-RScots will know him. His nick name was 'Curly', and was from Tranent. he was a highland dancer and used to knock around with Big George Duncan (Duncs) who was also from Tranent and was an army boxer. Both my ole man and George have both passed away now, but the stories when they got together will stick with me forever. I'm actually engaged to George's daughter now and have a 5 year old boy we've named Aiden because of the Aden link with our da's. Any info, photo's etc would be great.
  2. Well thats a nice Irish name and nothing wrong with that but FFS and dont tell him he was named after one of the biggest shit holes on earth. Or perhaps I should have said the gateway to the biggest grossest shithole on earth
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  3. It looked nice from the Union Castle porthole; glad I never set foot on dry earth there, though...
  4. Why not post your question on the Royal Scots Association website?
  5. If you've got nothing positive to say shit bag then keep your mouth shut! Did you get a punch in the puss of him like? F*@king idiot.
  6. A lot of cocky newbee`s about .
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  7. Its probably someone else anyway....
  8. He'd better stay out of the Naffi
  9. There's a certain sense of humour on this site. Get wound up as you just did and you'll be in receipt of that humour by the cart load. You've just made yourself a target. Wind your neck in.
  10. Oooh, someone's tired.

    What you need is a nice dinner, some wine and another man spraying his seed into your gaping anus.
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  11. Protons, geddit?
  12. More likely to be Buckfast, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the three of them. Start Aiden young.
  13. Heres a picture of Aden for you:


    My son is also named William Aiden Henry - we just call him WAH for short.
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  14. My uncle's brother's dad was in the Royal Scots I think, he was called Dinger. Nobody ever said where he got his nickname from.


  15. Outstanding!
    Your son also has the joy of proceeding through life knowing who his father is, weecurly's on the other hand....