Anyone ever put a vibrating love egg up their arse?


A single love egg wouldn't do me any good - an entire chicken gives quite a pleasant feeling, though.

Just ram it up there and you'll soon find out, MDN.
Hmm, I accidently put a real egg up there once. Bloody thing hatched as well
Yes, exe put one up me arse, I shit it out along with my lunch, made a hell of a mess. She was not best pleased as she had just changed the bed sheets.
Not a vibrating love egg.... but a Cadbury's Creme Egg could be considered a subtle invitation for hoop dhobi.
My personal favourite was a PS2 controller, while I let the kid I was babysitting kick the shit out of my character on Tekken.

Good old Analog vibrations.
Duckiciao, you need to be on stage....... seriously,.... nailed to it.

Thaks to the hilarious side splitters gags about chickens etc, I bought on this evenign and am wondering whether to lob it up my cackpipe whislt I knock one out
Come on MDN, you ask a 100 people what they think when you say egg, and 90 will say chicken.
I didn't say egg did I?

I said vibrating love egg, hardly going to hatch into a vibrating fcuk chicken is it?

Anotehr fcukign student that needs a syringe full of petrol injecting in its neck
Why do I need a syringe full of petrol in my neck?
My life aint sorry. Im shagging more fit college girls than you lot are, and dont get put on a charge for turning up at college drunk.
Looking at your avatar MDN have you got one inserted at the moment mate,each to there own but you look like your enjoying it.
minister_doh_nut said:
Anyone ever put a vibrating love egg up their arse?
I've popped a few things in there to date the most intresting being a blue crayola crayon..... living on a big hill, I like to put a pair of roller skates on, adopt the squating position and see if I can get a straight blue line from top to bottom.

Is the love egg on a string? It would be a tad awkward post hump asking you to squeeze my head so as to force it from my botty.
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