curious question.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gwibo, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. hey guys im off to catterick this sunday for basic training.

    now seeing as im going a couple lads i know that are already in army have asked me what weapon i would prefer to handle when i reach my regiment. ( hinting that i may have somewhat of a choice) ?

    now i guess i cant pick and choose what i get issued, so how does someone get to eventually use the gpmg or LSW's? and what sort of roles are there to specialise in if any?

    im sorry if these are really stupid questions just something thats been running through my head last couple days.

    thanks for taking time to read this
  2. I doubt if you will have much choice at first. You will be put wherever they need a body.
  3. you should be lucky enough to get the LSW. As far as i am aware the LSW is always given to the youngest soldier just because its a ****** to carry (crow cannon)
  4. theoretically the LSW's should go to the sharpshooters of the platoon... as there more accurate at longer ranges

    as already stated all the red arrses get them.

    i had the minimi when i first got to battalion.. and had it when i was in iraq

    i wernt arrsed though coz its a beast indeed :)