Curious George meets Mr. Dithers

Isn't that nice!.. Canada's very own minority PM, Paul 'on-the-ball' Martin ihas been allowed to come on down and scuff his shoes in some good ol' Texas dust at Dubya's White House by the Mesa...they'll be having a nice ol' chinwag over some cold crossborder Molson-coors, no doubt, while discussing what prank to pull on Vincente Fox when he arrives next day for a BBQ on mad-cow free American bovine and a rethink on how to divvie up the spoils under NAFTA...

should be fun. looking forward to seeing how Paulie handles the sound bites back home and how he likes being ignored by the American media who don't give a crap about Canada unless its to extoll the virtues of Pammy Andersons pneumatic charms..
Well, hopefully he doesn't spill his drink on the bearskin rug or ask why the beer tastes like p*ss. But, given his party's track record on developing Canadian/American relations, I can see us getting a visit from the 101st pretty soon (it's a JOKE, just a JOKE, RELAX!).

I'm fairly confident that after Paul works his charms, the border will remain shut to our beef, our softwood lumber will still be rotting in Canadian lumberyards and George will be looking to return the innumerable favours that the Liberal party have done for him.

Ah well, I'm told our pay raise will be on mid-month next month, so not all is doom and gloom.

Thanks, Paul! Ya goof!
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