Curious about a few things, thanks in advance!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bluevapour, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, first post, i've basically just got my application form, and filled it in. The guy i had a chat with also explained that i would train one weekend a month and also would be required on a Wednesday for a drill session. Now i've just finished university, and am curious about working more than just them times. Could anyone give me advice on working more hours with the TA (over the summer), and what that would involve if possible. Also is it possible to go away for more weekends. Say i handed in my app wednesday and all went well, how long would i be waiting to get involved, (im going to try get the barb booked this week).

    Lastly, is it possible to get involved in summer camp from joining this week? Dont want to be a tit and make an idiot of myself. He did mention a 2 week bulk session instead of the weekends run up if that helps.

    Thanks guys!
  2. When I were a lad....

    It was a case of making my availability known to the PSIs. Of course, in those days weapons needed cleaning, floors needed bumpering, vehicles needed degrunging and most of the blokes had a job.

    Nowadays, with self-cleaning weapons systems, H&S issues regarding shiny floors and nobody being familiarised to drive the vehicles, it could be a different matter. ;)

    Speak to your PSIs - if you can make decent cup of tea, you may be in with a chance.
  3. I think that if you're just starting out you'll be very hard pushed to make camp (and you'll need a lot of free time to make it work).

    We have a couple of recruits who have just passed their selection weekend and medical and who will then do a week long version of the recruit weekends before embarking on summer challenge for a fortnight to complete their training. I doubt they would make our camp even if they were keen enough and its in late September.
  4. I see, so the first set of weekends isnt the first few weeks of summer camp? i got the idea summer camp was the first 9 weekends with alot more ontop? And you think theres no chance of me getting involved with it, even if i should great enthusiasm?

  5. You may be able to get on the "Summer Challenge" type event in your area if you act now.Here is a typical example
  6. Right that midlands challenge looks real interesting but there is no dates of when its taking place or for how long? Anymore info on this, and is it only one weekend a month you go away or can it be more?
  7. Summer camp is typically two weeks continious training. You need to complete this (along with other weekends plus MATTs) to qualify for your bounty. However in your first year you will usually do your two week CMSR (basic training) which will qualify you for your bounty in year one. There are various schemes to fast track people though their recruit training, i guess it depends on how much free time you have.
    You need to ask your unit about doing more weekends. Some units won't let you do much untill you have finished CMSR.
    I would say that it typically takes around six months from signing on to finishing CMSR although it depends on how fast the paperwork comes through and if there are spaces available on the courses you need etc. It took me eighteen months!
  8. thats not good lol it was something i was really wanting to spend alot of time doing during the summer:S
  9. thats not good lol it was something i was really wanting to spend alot of time doing during the summer:S
  10. not necessarily, the book just says '2 weeks of continuous training' for bounty (if that's what you meant, sorry). other courses are applicable for bounty.

    until you're trained I would say you might struggle, though it's not impossible. though I doubt you'll get anything before you're security cleared as most of the full time jobs in the TAC are admin.
  11. So about this only been 1 weekend a month buisness, is that strictly true?
  12. That depends on how how much time you are able or willing to commit and busy your chosen unit likes to keep you. Some units are stricter with regard to the number of weekends they want you to attend.
  13. Well im joining at C Coy Royal Anglia, Leicester. Im just hoping i can do 2-3 weekends a month, that would be ideal!
  14. To make a few quid?
  15. Yeah, if you're expecting big money you're in for a shock old lad. Get a job in B&Q instead!

    However, if you're just dead keen crack on :]