Curent Basra "ground truth" summary

HAving succesfully escaped from my Syria contract I'm getting Basra jobs pushed under my nose..

I've not been there since the Palace got handed over/back (I did a bit of light dusting, jemmied off the bar plaque and gave the keys to the cleaner)

Whats the situation/exposure level in and around Basra. Are western civvy operations targeted and to what degree.

Odds give me odds, preferably so I can **** it off and go to trinidad and tobago instead


Went through there a few days back,

Not much going on civpop wise at the moment. Our local guys reckons once the yanks go, its going to be one of the first places the shit will hit the fan . Has massive Iranian backing down there.

IED threat is the worst in Iraq.

PM me if you have any more questions.

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