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BBC News - Papal visit: Cardinal Newman's 'miracle cure'

The catholics have skirted round child abuse and ignored that Newman was gay. And promoted the old geezer to sainthood on the basis of a bit of overacted in house anecdote.

As you know the English have been ruled over by a variety of Celt and Hun monarchs. But fair play to King Taffy 8th he did make serious inroads on this mafia godfather dictatorship over men's souls.
Did he? Or did he simply put himself in the Pope's position vis a vis the chain of command between the Almighty and the English people?

If you take the view that the Catholics are a bizarre sect and not to be given mainstream attention, which you apparently do, then I suggest you take your prurient interest in Cardinal Newman's sex-life or lack of it and feck off. I think you'll find that the "Hun" monarchs you spoke of were probably more calculatingly protestant than even Henry VIII.
Christ but you give me a ****ing headache.
FYI, beatification is not the same as sainthood. Why do you think that Cardinal Newman was homosexual?

Edited to add: I´ve just read the link (after making the above post - lazy of me). It explains exactly what beatification is.
Newman, whose remarkably high intelligence stands in stark contrast to that of the OP, remains for me an inexhaustible source of intellectual and - irrespective of his Christian denomination at any given point - spiritual stimulation. The Apologia pro Vita Sua is, of course, his best-known work, with The Dream of Gerontius almost as renowned, but many of his sermons, too, particularly from his Oxford days, are compellingly balanced masterpieces of eloquence, logic, good sense and compassion. My late father, whose wartime experiences left him sceptical of religion, nevertheless drew considerable comfort, in his darker moments, from these famously beautiful lines in Wisdom and Innocence:

May He support us all the day long, till the shades lengthen, and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over, and our work is done! Then in His mercy may He give us a safe lodging, and a holy rest, and peace at the last.

I do hope that the Pope's visit passes off peacefully, that justifiable protests are conducted with dignified restraint, and that the deserved reputation of the British for decent treatment of foreign visitors is upheld. But, given the tenor of remarks made on this and similar recent threads, as well as the strident comments of the likes of the unspeakable Mr Tatchell, I fear otherwise.
Yes, Mr Tatchell - a man who has done more to arouse hatred of homosexualism than Field Marshal Sir Walter Walker. Personally, if two friends of Dorothy wish to play in the pleasure gardens of Colon Street, then it is up to them to ensure that it takes place in privacy and horses and dogs are not frightened. Providing they can keep their counsel over who did what to whom, how many times etc. then so much the better and if I had had a good lunch, I might even chip in to buy them a fresh tin of Vaseline.

However Mr Tatchell with his insistence that bum-fun between consenting males should be pasted large across the advertising hoardings of the UK, featuring fibre-optic camera imagery, takes it all too far. (I may have misquoted exactly what he said by the way particularly the fibre optics aspect.) Live and let live is a fine old compromise and is best served by not insisting that any particular practice is either "normal", desireable" or indeed "natural" especially if it involves invading the integrity of a non-return valve deep within one's arrse crack, behind which a recently digested cornish pasty may be waiting it's rebirth.

Peter, we get it but frankly you have gone on rather too long about it. Equality means parity and not single isue bigotry taken to its opposite extreme.

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