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Cure needed urgently

Whilst having some scoff and flicking the channels, I came across 'The Good Life' on BBC2.

For some reason, Felicity Kendall poured gravy over her knockers, which after deliberation, I decided were free-roaming and not encumbered with a bra.

I've wanked so hard I'm having to type on a braille keyboard. Please tell me I'm not alone in finding her eminently f*ckable?

(I'll get the missus to read me the replies....)
She's near as makes no difference three times my age.... but too f*cking right I would.

In Wiki under 'fanbase,' some funny bastard has written:

"Kendal is particularly popular with male viewers"

Is that 'cause the vast majority of us would sell both kidneys for the opportunity, dying happy while staring at those perfect hooters?

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