Cure for homosexuality found

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jaybee2786, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. They have found a cure for homosexuality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. boom boom!
  3. Up until a few years ago there was a guaranteed cure for being a homo. It was called hanging.
  4. I saw a gay Eskimo once... sitting on top of his Igloo trying to gets chaps on his arrse.
  5. Not much of a cure though was it......

    PinkyPete- Doctor, I'm feeling a little queer
    Doctor- Not to worry, just pop your clothes on the stool over there and stand on these gallows and we'll soon have that fixed
  6. why try to cure them FFS!!!

    work it out fool, more benders means the more women for the rest of us!......................and us uglys need all the chance we can get.

    and before you retort - 'yeh but wot about lessers!'
    we all know that only munter women are true lessers and all real girlys are bisexual. (or should be whilst wearing hi heels to bed)
  7. Female goes to see her doctor," doctor i have just returned from a safari and i was raped by an elephant, doctor say let me see, my god he says it looks massive but an elephant nob is not that big what happend," she said he fingered me 1st
  8. However if that doesn't work... This will

  9. Stopped him stirring poo with his nob though - ergo cure.
  10. Holy sweet jesus, I'm going to need some "quiet time," to "gather my thoughts,"

  11. Thanks but B_C will do.

    If you want i'll pass her on when I get bored!
  12. No that's no good. I've never been homosexual before, and now I'm coming over all 'lesbian'.
  13. Trapped in this Adonis-like, man's body, I hasten to add.
  14. I think I may be a lesbian, cos whenever I look in the mirror I see a fat munter that fancies women.