Cure constipation the MANS way

Thank God for that. I thought you were going to post that link to the chap with a broken bottle up his arse.
ExRLCBod said:
well, for the walts that want that "special" feeling at home, there is always:
Can I have one pleeze coz i need it for speshall ops coz mi gurlfrend has took me bb gun away int she

thancs m8s

Maj Gen Mickey Golden
3 Para Mortars and SAS
I'd recommend 12 cans of Tiger because of the way it comes roaring out of your arrse the next morning.
Nah, you´re all soft.

The true, manly, way to beat constipation is this....

Cleanses the pipes nicely. :D
Always found standing at the breech of a light gun for a few hours the best way to cure it......couple of hundred cubic feet of cordite smoke always seem to get a "River of fcuking smelly mud" going.......

If not you could always try a "Gardenhose enema"
iamalondoncrab said:
I always found that drinking nothing but this for 3 days flushed out my body pretty well.
Last time I tried that all I flushed out was my memory. :wink:
A sprout curry vindaloo paste added washed down, a pint of Prune juice mixed with fresh orange juice add three pints of any real ale, stand by stand by dont leave the house.

Jarrod you should try this as it will let you know what your arrse is for......I doubt you "friend" will push that lot back up.......LOL

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