Cupid Squaddie Streaker!

He said he'd do it in a "mankini". But did it in a pair of (fairly vile) boxers. Lying tw@t.

Furthermore I think its shocking that he should be described as a soldier in the local rag when that is obviously a mis-description. What they should have said was "lying fat walt cnut loser".

No surprise the gf binned him.


"Are you sure that running across the pitch in my boxers will win her heart, your Imperial Mongness?"
Bringing the Army into disrepute ay? If he'd done it all to the sound of "I'm on my way to Amarillo" while in the middle of the desert he'd have been deemed a good old larf by the MOD.

Agree about the boxers, that single squaddie unwashed shade of grey/white contrasting with a nice tan. Hmmmm, how could his bird refuse?
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