Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by universallychallenged, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Yes - its an achievement and it should be properly recognized

  2. No - it is an acheivement, but just the paper certificate would do nicely. Put the money towards som

  1. CUOTC Members (only please?!), as you will see on Summer Camp if you don't know already, a large proportion of the mess subs we pay (a reasonably substantial amount when added up) goes on "Picture Frames" including frames for pictures in the bar (fair enough in my opinion) and frames for MTQ1. This last year these were the cheapest (and fairly nasty) frames we could find and noone seemed particularly bothered anyway; its MTQ1 (hardly selection!) and is not really somthing to get all excited about. By the sounds of it most use the frame for something else. Would we rather the money went to something else?

    At the same time, what could we spend the money on? Save the ideas for camp!
  2. Cheers uni-challenged, you took the poll right out of my... er... poll bag...

    and with 100% of people going for no frames... we cant go wrong....

    Now.... to ideas for the money!
  3. what is the annual spend on mtq1 frames? I know in AGM it came up about £700 but that was including other frames, apparently
    I don't see how people can vote, especially newbies without their information

    at say £1.50 a frame probably 100 people a year pass mtq1??? so that's £150... round it to £160 and we have 4 people's mess subs, out of 100 people...

    so 4% of our subs goes on that?

    Not totally sure of my numbers, obviously, but it's not like we're paying out for oak frames with extra thick safety glass and guilded edges etc
  4. We paid £4 a frame for this years certs apparently. It just seems to me a waste of money that would be better going on something like ents of subsidies for the cocktail party, or another party just for cadets, as suggested by frodillicus.
  5. The question about picture frames is a fair one. I personally felt proud to recieve a framed certificate. If you don't like it you are entitled to an opinion, but discussing it on arrse isn't going to change a thing. Bring the issue up at the AGM again.
    I think people have failed to understand the working of the mess. If you want money for something you have to ask for it. If the money isn't asked for, it will be used on something else. I'm sure everyone will agree that displaying our units achievements such as the cambrian medals and certificates adds something to the mess..
  6. But when you ask for money and can't get it because there isnt enough to go round, you start to question what the money is going towards. Cambrian medals and things for the mess....yes absolutely, but MTQ1 certificate frames? I am aware of the workings of the mess and intend to bring it up, but wondered what other people felt.
  7. I have an idea; we could use the money to buy a collective sense of humour for CUOTC.

    But alas, all the subs are spent on my rehabilitation back in to society which is going reasonably well. If you have any problems with that I and my friend baseball bat would be happy to discuss the issue.
  8. Dont you buggers take like 90% of the OTC budget anyway? Can't you use some of that to buy your terribly spiffing frames?
    I last saw my MTQ1 certificate floating in several pieces in a sea of port. :cry:
  9. I really can not understand how any one can feel that they have gained a sense of acheivement from getting their MTQ1 certificate in a frame. I dont think that we should even get certificates, it's hardly a commision or a warrant.

    You should be happy that you went to the right amount of weekends to get into the OTC properly, you are at the end of MTQ1 hardly a trained soldier and completing this training is merely the begining.

    If you feel that for you to stay in the unit u need to get a framed certificate every year, you are there for the wrong reasons.

    however on the otherside i do agree with getting somthing for your attestation, an important part of being indoctrinated into the Army and taking on its values. This is filed awaysome where next to my cycling proficientcy.
  10. it all seems a bit academic now really. the frames have rightly or wrongly been brought, and the new staff at the top may see fit to do different in the coming year. having said that, its worth bringing up at the AGM.

    the majority of mtq1-ers seem fairly indifferent to the issue, happy to have got onto the ladder and get their new stable belts n rank slides.
  11. what do you mean "get"

    surely you mean buy.

    I have been in 4 years now and have only worn my stable belt when i absolutly had to.

    As for rank slides i always got hand me downs. Mine is so old it could be put in the Uniform cabinet.

    They are indifferent because they know no better.
  12. 4 years in and bitter about it.

    personally i prefer my stable belt- far more flexible n hence comfortable. a pain when 'emergency' toilet trips necessary tho.
  13. No four years in and wiser than you. I aint boasting about my "trigger time" i was merely puting my stable wearing exploits into perspective.

    If you want comfort and trouser droping ease you should get hold of a '58 pattern belt. St*** the storeman hides them behind the pro boots and the G10 watches in the stores.
  14. why thank you for your advice.
  15. Have you guys not got anything better to do between the hours of 02:50 and 05:24, other than banter about which belt is more comfortable??