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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by red rose, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Charlie,uniform,November,tango,sssssss.its a primrose not a cheese you all gob off about track bashing,and how you coped in BAOR
  2. I really thought this twat had left us.

    Still nice of him to start an eponymous thread.
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  3. Bugger me, the Mong is strong in this one.

    Fuck off, there's a good little boy.
  4. i dont think it has the spark like barb test score,,,,,,
  5. Mummy must be down the pub and left him all alone again. Now he's looking in the mirror shouting at himself! I wonder if he's going for the record of most threads holed?
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  6. I am a weapons grade underpant, please ignore me

    It takes me a while to realise I am as welcome as motor neurons
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  7. I have to applaud your self awareness
  8. Mean while, back on the farm...
  9. Exbeep i made it september without getting binned.i won my bet, did you get through life without being labeld a cunt? You boy scout felching cunt!
  10. How is the crack pipe?
  11. ohh poridge gun, though funny as fuck stop edditing
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  12. You made what in September? Your Mum? Your Dad....whoops, scratch that, I assume you actually call your Mum Auntie and your Dad Uncle (or brother, or cousin) you inbred piece of shit.
    I'd call you a Mong but that would be unfair to Mongs.
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    The edit might have something to do with it !!
  14. So it was red rosey arse that got "raped" the other night.
  15. why does sunday night bring out the ADHD spaktards ?????????
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