Cummon you Irons!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sirbobbymoore1966, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Liverpool

  2. West Ham

  3. I'm a West Ham fan and we're in Europe anyway so don't care!

  1. Did anybody here have a bet on a Reds/Hammers cup final?!
    Up the a spare ticket anyone??
    Would have loved to have beaten Chelski and fat Frank in the final though.....he's just a fat Paul Ince!!
  2. Come on the Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh come if you have a chance with your team of stars lol
    Should be a cracking final I reckon as we can score goals and with our defence you will too.....thank god Manure,Arsenal or Chelski aren't in the final eh?
    Alan Pardew for Manager of the Season anyone?
  4. Here here.

    And dare I say it, its good to see a lesser well followed team in the final.

    Good luck Sir Bobby!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah I think you've just proved my point, I can see this whole final being one of two well supported teams (though your numbers well outnumber ours of course) who both love to see good football. I for one can't wait and just hope we give a good account of ourselves in Cardiff....lets hope Stevie Gerrard doesn't wreak too much havoc with our abysmal out for Anton Ferdinand and Yossi Benayoun though as they are gonna be two cracking players in the future.
    Looking forward to testing our vocal chords against the red army :)
  6. sirbobbymoore1966 take your ear defenders as it is going to be loud. :lol:
  7. No Way you reds won't get a word in, Bubbles for ever.

    Up the Hammers.
  8. Come on the Hammers. To be fair we were beaten fair and square by the reds, but I would like to see west ham win. After all, they do supply the top teams with quality players!!!
  9. sirbobbymoore1966, don't get me wrong here, I've always liked West Ham and appreciated their style of play but please explain something for me.

    I understand the symbology behind it but, as a London club, presumably most supporters are familiar with Cockney Rhyming Slang so why would West Ham supporters continue to call their team 'Irons' when it means 'homosexuals' (Iron Hoof - Poof)?

    And don't get are narky with me, I didn't make it up.
  10. A good point cuculain and one that I aint nevah fort you to ruin it for me.....somehow shouting cummon you poofs just aint never gonna sound the same again lol
    There again when I'm singing it in Cardiff in stoppage time when we're leading 2-0 who cares....Cummon you Irons!!
    Not sure who you follow drain sniffer but can I interest you in two quality defenders sir?? Lionel Scaloni and Christian Dailly sir, honestly sir they're top quality believe me sir, would I lie to you sir?!
  11. When first formed West Ham United were called Thames Ironworks, a ship building firm in the London docks...
  12. up the iron's LOL :D 8)
  13. So the 1 - 2 defeat at your place, not a bad result.

    A dress rehersal for the final me thinks?!?!?!?!?!!?!

    Any takers?
  14. You think you're gonna score twice against our solid defence??
    Gerrard has no chance against Dailly and Scaloni......can somebody pass me another spliff perlease as I can feel reality beginning to cut in!!