Cummins B-series engine in Leyland DAF GS?

Discussion in 'REME' started by lori, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks

    Does anyone know the model of the Cummins B-series engines that was used in the Leyland DAF GS 4-tonne 4x4s?

    Some Leyland DAFs with Cummins B-series engines are not subject to the London Low Emission Zone charges being introduced on the 7th July... I'm hoping mine is one such beast!

    Many thanks for all your help
  2. When I was still serving, the unit I was with had 20 or so DAFs of various models and configurations etc. We had some what were GS and they looked the same but they had differing asset codes due to the differing engines( there was loads of differing engines). The best way to find out what engine you have is to find the asset code from the data label at the passenger side door and cross reference it against the AESP, presuming that you have access to the AESP.It will state something like DAF GS CARGO and then the engine type e.g. EURO ENGINE or some such. Also i would presume if you have a KJ or KK or even a KL reg that you will have the wrong engine but i maybe wrong.
  3. Is your DAF civi owned? All MoD green fleet have an exemption from the Low Emission Zone.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Yes - civi owned... it's been reclassed as Private HGV.

    No idea what the original reg was, as when I got my hands on it it had already been reregistered - M reg now...

    Also - the cab has been cleaned up, and unfortunately I believe the passenger side door has no data label! :-(
  5. What chassis no is your wagon?
  6. No idea- where do I look? :-(
  7. Lori,

    Contact the people at 'Cummins', Colnbrook. You will get the answer you are looking for.
  8. They do all the London buses.
  9. I've found this - perhaps it will be of help in figuring out the engine model?

    It's the Application for Disposal of a Cast Vehicle.

    Vehicle asset code: NB 22043102
    Vehicle make and model: Truck cargo bulk. Fuel 4T 4x4 DSL Euro1 Leyland DAF
    Reg no: AV06AA
    Chassis no: SBLAV44CEOL131319
  10. Hi,

    The Engine model number is key without that there it not alot you can do?

    Try this site,

    I take it there is not plate on the egnine block,head inlet manifold?

    I will have a look at one this Wednesday, and get a picture if i find it?


    P.S When did the vehicle come in to service with the Army I.E Vehicle first registered as new
  11. Hi,

    The engine model number of one I just looked at is: E11 313.

    There is a plate at the front L/H/S of the engine

  12. Yup, same model as mine... and not eligible :(

    Thanks for all the help folks

  13. The Euro 1 bit is the key - thats the emmisions level to which the engine is compliant - if the level for which the exemption applies is higher, as I suspect it will be but I'm too idle to look, then no go as you've already found out, but it may allow you some other perks?
  14. Off of the top of my head, I beleive it is known as the 6B

  15. Euro 3 is the one that you've got to go by for the London Emissions, the scary thing is that by 2012 they're aiming for Euro 4, which is a significant reduction on Euro 3.

    Euro 5 is in the pipeline just now and it's an even more severe cut on emissions, to the point that it's almost impossible to implement on Army vehicles due to the fuel in theatre not being liked by Euro 5.