Discussion in 'Sappers' started by G_O_D_is_Armoured, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. So when will the Corps be called in to put LSB over the fallen bridges, they say on sky the Civil and Military Engineers are inspecting the bridges.
  2. Cries of "Super! Smashing! Great" can be heard all over Cumbria, as one family from Cockermouth can finally use that fecking speedboat they won on Bullseye several years ago.
  3. Bet you have been dying to get that Text joke
  4. Apparently a Sqn has already been dispatched.

  5. The sooner a temporary solution is sorted out, the better. The town is effectively cut in 2 since the bridges collapsed/are about to collapse. It's making it very difficult travelling up and down the west coast.
  6. Whats th status of the railway bridges?
  7. The rail bridge has been passed as safe and normal services as scheduled to restart tomorrow, the line was under water in places. The engines that run the line are diesel so there was no danger of damage to electricity supply. The train station is the opposite end of Workington to the shopping centre so the taxi's are going to do well out of the floods.
  8. Apparently there have been QMSI (Cbt)'s out doing recces over the weekend.
  9. Cheers Highway man.
    If memory serves there is another railway bridge that connects the docks on the north side to where the rail cars used to be built on the south side.
    Could this not be used as a footbridge with connecting bus services on either side?
    Many years since I looked down there and can't remember what form the 2nd bridge takes (if its still there?)
  10. To be fair, it is only Cockermouth, why bother :lol:
  11. And Workington, and Keswick, and Ulverston plus isolated pockets of flooding throughout the county. ;)
  12. Not looking good on the LSB front!

    Minimum gap required to be crossed is 54m wth footwalks...oops we can't do that!

    Another brilliant policy from HQ EinC!
  13. This has been taken from the local paper forum ;-

  14. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  15. I just hope the sappers that come to erect the bridge are up to date with their shots as the local female population will be gagging for fresh portions of squaddie c0ck!