Cumbria Shooting Jokes


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Yes thanks :D
What ever happened to the guy who thought he was funny, posted jokes we'd heard two years ago, dressed like crusty and was dire. Even had shit videos on his website. Has his wife told him he isn't funny yet?

Or did I imagine it?


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So was Bird a sleeper for BP, or for Israel? He has certainly taken the heat and front page headlines off their problems.
TerryFukWit said:
Does anyone have any good ones ?
Journalist? If so, a very lazy Journalist
What happened in Whitehaven is a tragedy that can befall any part of the UK, service personnel and their families more than anyone else realise the suffering and despait that is brought about by the sudden loss of family member and the ripples that such a loss has throughout the family, friends and community.

you should be ashamed of yourself to expect to find black humour on these pages.
TerryFukWit said:
Does anyone have any good ones ?
Yes, why weren't you in Boot to help that poor man park his car last Wednesday? He may have given you a tip!

Having been close to mass killings in another place in earlier years I can tell you there is no humour in the aftermath of such events. People will suffer for years, until their deaths in most cases, from the physical and psychological effects of this. The only light in this, if it could be called such, is the absence of children among the victims. It is truely horrific for parents as they try to understand - most never recover.

So step back and think please, even if this is the NAAFI.
Derrick Bird walks into a Bar

The Barman says, "Why the........

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