Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by papegojan, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. I did a few camps with the ACF there, and have come across stories about hess being there and various SS wehrmacht characters being killed there. Can anyone shed any light on the truth or otherwise of this, or does anyone know of any official histories?
  2. Sorry - thanks to a decaying memory I can't cite sources, but it was indeed a German PoW camp, I believe; and a factually based feature-length movie was made about it in the late 60s/early 70s. Title escapes me. That film did cover the deaths of certain officer PoWs. It was well done.

    I rather doubt if Hess was there other than very fleetingly, if at all.

    Have happy memories of it from CCF days - friendly pubs and pretty girls in Comrie.

    Hope you find chapter and verse
  3. The one that got away.

    I only remember it because it used Regulars from the RA (40 Regt i think) and my old man was one of them.

    And there endeth his 15 minutes of fame.
  4. Strangly enough, I was there for a week once in 92. some TV program was being made
    "Doctor Finlays Case Book" and it was all set up as an Italian POW camp. which was very confusing as we didn't know we were living on a film set till the next morning!

    Then we had to return things that we had kept for safe keeping :salut:

    Unfortunatly the pot bellied stoves in the huts were not part of the set but the real heating!

    We got asked to play extras but the boss said no, so we spent the week bagging Monros instead
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Strange memories from there. Remember being attached regular pers to an ACF camp, enticed by the promise of CR brownie points and fresh 16 year old girls.

    All the regs ate in the cookhouse with the kids and were stuffed into a poxy billet whilst the civvy ACF instructors had cushty rooms and a mess to eat in.

    To alleviate the boredom we went to the local disco. Back room of a hotel, all the blokes sat down one side and the birds down the other plus a dozen lashed up squaddies inbetween. Didn't realise the birds were with the blokes until a couple of altercatons erupted. Ah well, there's nothing like being woken up by the sound of a crying baby and shout from the mother you trapped off with saying she's "away hame and hoped she had a good time last night". My my.
  6. I have family connections with the general area, and I was told as a kid that Cultybraggan held about 6000 or so prisoners - in several compounds.

    Sometime in 1944 a German who was was thought to be a British spy was murdered by other prisoners at Comrie...IE Cultybraggan.

    This was because he (the suspected spy) was previously involved in a plot for a mass escape by "BLACK" Nazi prisoners, who were planning to escape down in Southern England.(Prisoners were graded, white, grey and black. Black indicating that they were Nazi supporters).

    These Nazi`s planned to escape then, overthrow/seize power in other camps in Southern England, and eventually march on London.This in an attempt to support the Germans during their Ardennes offensive.

    The plot was discovered, and the protagonists were deterred from their escape by the British placing heavily armed troops at various points around their camp before the uprising could occur.

    The suspected spy and many of those involved were transferred to Cultybraggan.After his murder 5 Germans were executed by the British, and all 2000 officers in the camp were transferred to other camps within 24 hrs.

    As for Hess, I have been told that he had been there at some point,and Ive also that he wasn't.This because the press made much of the story of his landing and got the facts wrong.

    But as he landed somewhere in Renfrewshire I would have thought he would have been held over that way, besides he was supposedly taken to London less than 3 days after landing in Scotland.

    There were a number of escape attempts at the camp mainly by the SS/Naval element. Several were shot whilst going over the wire....and I was told of the capture of one escaped SS man who was identified by a Wermacht prisoner working on one of the local estates.

    Hope that helps?
  7. Your story of the German PoWs and the murders is indeed the same one that was told in that film - the name of which still eludes me, dammit. If I do recall, I'll post it. It may not be 100% factual re Cultybraggan, but it's worth seeing!
  8. Was the film "The MacKenzie Break".....???
  9. Blimey that takes me back a few years. The hotel disco in Comrie. Lots of Scottish country dancing. And you're right about the guys on one side and the girls on the other, just like at school!
  10. The McKenzie Break certainly tells that story, but I'm thinking of another film starring....... - O heck, can't remember his name either, but I can picture him - I wonder if the story's been used in two films?
  11. Ah ceilidhs at the Royal Hotel...I remember chatting to a chap in a Dress Gordon kilt one Friday evening. He was very well informed on the last betrayal...I mean merger...of the Highland Regiments and a charming man. I wanted to introduce him to the first Mrs Cuddles and asked him for his name. Gordon says he, yes quoth I but Gordon what? No, no, he replies The Gordon! Turned out he had been at some meeting of honorary Colonels at the Castle all day and hence was full of plots and intrigue!
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    They do have some titles!
    First CO was Sir Gregor McGregor of McGregor.
    Adjt was Campbell of Airds Bay.

    Mind you I do think the RIR have the best with The O'Morchoe, has a ring to it.
  13. Blimey! I remember being there on CCF camp in 1983 (?) at Easter - it was bl**dy freezing and the week before we arrived one of the huts had burned down (no-one hurt) and the pot-bellied stoves were not allowed to be used. I also remember being marched into the Loch as a squad to 'warm up' before capsize drills with the RM, during which I let go of my paddle and was shouted at solidly for the duration of my swim out to get it and then back to the RR. Happy days....
  14. McGregor Cubed (as he was known in the army) has also been known to be called "the great pudding of the chieftain race" by those who aren't mad on him (and don't mind torturing Robt. Burns). Always seemed very agreeable.

    The O'Morchoe is splendid!
  15. Don't know much about the history of Culty but i have so many happy memories of the place having been there with CCF and UOTC. PT may be crap but it's so much better when you surrounded by that beautiful scenery!! Can you tell I'm a chick!?!

    I remember those bloody pot bellied stoves with the sky visible from your bed, as well as the ground outside visible from your pit as you looked through the rotting wriggly iron. So much fun, especially in the pissing rain and cold.