Cultybraggan up for sale, any offers?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 1stgulfmac, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. BBC news

    So Hess was held there eh, I bet it was bluddy cold and windy then.
  2. Didn't realise the place was still there, I went there for my first CCF camp back in 59.

  3. Oh my god! Perhaps Comrie residents could buy it and turn it into another fecking caravan site. Or golf course. Or both.
  4. They want to buy it because it will be turned into an Assylum seekers/immigrants camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - You heard it here first
  5. Actually I quite like the area...spent some CCF, OTC and grown up time there. I also used to go on hols to comrie with my first wife...
  6. Brings back fond memories, spent many a happy cadet camp and Ex Northern Lights there!

    Wonder if the buyer gets a free bunker as part of the deal?
  7. Looks like the locals are contemplating buying the land collectively in order to create a 'green zone', which will have community woodland and a green energy scheme amongst other things.
  8. Oh well, I'm sure that cnut of a farmer next door will still find something to complain about. Last time I was there, he was claiming that the the noise of people firing on the 30m range was causing his sheep to miscarry. Fecking things were about a km away :frustrated:
  9. I remember it being a fairly grim camp in 2004, especially when it is cold and raining, I however was lucky as the County was split into 2 different camps for star groups, I was stationed at BarryBudden not too far away and It wasn't called BarryButlins for nothing ! :thumright:
  10. Comrie is indeed pretty wild in winter, and those huts still had the WW2 "heating" cum "cooking" system last time I was there. I recall the 25m range wasn't on the site itself, but just up the road (toward Whitehills, where the full bore range was). And don't mention Barry. Some barsteward on the top bunk from the Queens Own Highlanders pissed his bed and soaked me. And the wind howls at full tide on Barry North, but doesn't catch the wind flags. 52 clicks left of your zero at 600m.
  11. Nope, there's a new-ish barrack range on camp, and the Nissen huts have gas heaters now.

    I remember the pot-bellied stoves, one per billet; only story I can remember is that apparently an OAP German once turned up asking if he could have a look around for old times' sake; his comment was "Jah, I remember this, but we had two stoves in each room".