Cultybraggan Farmer has a go..... again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Capt Cheeky, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. But does it stop here..... ? No!

    He's also posted the following articles:
    Local newspaper takes up Land-Care's concerns over proper control of army cadets with guns.
    Correction re: MoD cadets at Cultybraggan

    Makes you think why someone who is hardly enamoured with the MoD / Army would by a farm right next to a training camp / area.

    Any other views... ?
  2. 12 bore rifles? Hmmm.....the man is a nob, and probably no stranger to hyperbole. :roll:
  3. Having been to the camp a few years ago, as an assistant attatched to an ACF, i have to say that we had problems with the farm around the camp too. The result of which was that the ACF was forced to transport entire Coys of cadets and staff across to Barry Budden Ranges in order to fire, and to exercise.

    This became a logistical nightmare as foot and mouth precautions were still in place, resulting in every person/vehicle having to de-comtaminate at both ends.

    This farmer has clearly not changed his attitude in years, and seems resigned to whinging to the MOD every time someone uses the Cultybraggan camp.

    It seems that the only way to resolve the issue is for the MOD to close the camp to cadets and deprive cadets of the opportunity to go away for a couple of weeks a year. This is clearly unfair to the cadets, but there doesn't seem to be any other way to appease the farmer.
  4. Ah but you see we dont understand their country ways.
    Besides he's probably worryied about where his next 4x4 is coming from and therefore entitled to be a bit grumpy......
  5. How about launching Operation Tony Martin? Simply persuade 2 cadets to pretend to be scallies and rob the said farmer's house (or nick one of his spare Range Rovers). He shoots them with a shotgun and is subsequently banged up for a 10 year stretch? You can all then stamp about on his land as much as you like. Plus you'd have 2 spare sets of uniform (allbeit slightly damaged) for new recruits.

    Couldn't be simpler!
  6. just do as one of my cadet officers did :p
    when my mother complained should children be learning how to use shotguns. He cheerfully replied don't worry its not a real shotgun.
    mother relaxed. he carrired on cheerfully its a real machinegun :twisted:
  7. She must have been very proud 8O
  8. Well, there really was an Op. why not FRED BARRAS II? Send a brick of them to close target recce his hovel - with orders to return fire if engaged. Either he shuts up, or it's one less pig-ignorant hillbilly. All is good!
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Nutstrangler - you took the words right out of my mouth !

    This James Irvine character seems to enjoy being a mouthpiece, as some of his other articles show, but his drivel ends up making him look like a ringpiece.

    Probably some local kid or perhaps even a cadet has cheeked him at some time and instead of having the backbone to sort it out there and then he's minced off to his office to write a 'strong letter to the Times !'

    'Doctor' James Irvine spends far too much time with his head wedged firmly between his buttocks pontificating on all he can see. Time that would be more wisely spent in getting his facts straight, or at least checking every shotgun barrel in the country to find out how many are rifled.

    Aaaarrrghh !!
    Sorry about the rant but pompous cretins like him make me reach for my chainsaw.

    Gotta stop taking them seriously......