Culty happy memories?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jagythistle, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. There's a place that saps the heat out of you - one coke burner per hut! No wonder the locals were so nice to ze Germans - they were freezing...

    Does anyone know anything about the supposed ghost? Or is that just a guardroom tale?
  2. The Ghost, IIRC, was a 'normal' squaddie sent to a camp full of ardent Hitler fans, for some reason he was given a kangeroo court and hung.

    Thats the gist of it anyway.
  3. And the midge infested burn at the camp boundary. Lovely. Still, I only did cadet camps there so it was a week rather than 2.
  4. The sentry box is at 32 Sigs and a large road-sign in the bar at Tayforth OTC.

    All the range boundary warning signs are still in place - drove past it two weeks ago.

    Anyone know who had the stags head from the Mess ? I'm told the Prince of Darkness had his eyes on it but it had gone when the raid went in.... :D

    Selling that site for £300k was Criminal. Defence Estates, hang your head in Shame.
  5. Lets be honest only the farmer next door wanted it for the land alone.

    Fond memories of sliding all over the training area when it was frozen solid nothing like a bacon sarnie to beat compo.
  6. At least that farmer did not get it - not the nicest man.
  7. Is Drip camp still going? Did my AT ther when I was on basic and also went there for a much needed break during a 12 day annual ACF camp at Culty.
  8. Nope. Now a garden centre.

  9. Hmmm. I'd say it was not marketed that well then ? Brown field site, albeit some was Listed ? I heard the locals were keen to get it in case HMG decided to make it back into a Prison !

    More importantly - we need the accommodation. Spartan but OK and tons of character is my memory. " A proper Army Camp". Training area was becoming too limited though, new limits every visit - and that grumpy farmer !. I remember getting bollocked by some local for patrolling troops up the lane to the Trg area. Asked her if she was really trying to say HM Forces could not walk up the road ?
  10. Bloody hell what happy memories, nightmare more like it just as bad as Drip Bridge,Barry Buddon and Garelochead.