Cultural sensitivity

MSR, good article, but to stop the onward march of the pc Army( it has increased from a brigade) will be a very difficult job as you are well aware, so please do not think for yourself, we have otheres employed to look after our best interests and they KNOW what's best for us.


Check out the Department of Culture chrismas card-it has a Mosque, an Indian Dancer, the word GOAL on it-strangely enough it contains no reference to the (Christian) festival it purports to be commemorating-I htink the word we are looking for here begin with B and ends with ollocks
In certain places, I believe you have to wish " seasons greetings" rather than "happy christmas". Ok we do not want to upset anyone, but since it is only Christians who celebrate christmas, how can we upset some other religion if they dont celebrate the darn thingy!! :roll:

Do i ask to see more people eating during daylight hours, because it upsets me to think some people are not eating properly at certain times of the year?

But then that is discriminatory, against other'nt it. :roll:
It's worse than you think.

Many schools have opted out of any Christmas celebration altogether and have no religious festival at all, instead they've called it Winterfest so everyone, ethnic and religious 'others', can celebrate this holdiay season.

I shiit you not.

Personally, if they don't like it, fck off to somewhere that is more suitable for their particular beliefs, but it isn't the ethnics and other religions that is driving it, it is the PC cnuts who are apparently running this. Lefty liberal white elite cnuts, who look at a turd and see art, or read unintelligible shyte that makes no sense but must have an inner meaning; you know the type, pretensious arrsehole that we would love to chin.

Worse though is that WE let them do it.
One of my favourite quotes applies to other faiths and Christmas:

Those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter.
I've yet to find anyone of any other faith (even atheists) worth listening to who objected to Christmas imagery on cards or whatever. The most that they generally ask for is for somebody to notice when they have a festival.
I was once delivering management training to some senior managers in a certain organisation that comprised mainly of ex-teachers and social workers. I used the slang terms 'guys' ( S African upbringing) and 'chaps' (in an ironic sense.........) and a complaint was made about my sexist language by one of the two women in the audience................

How ironic in their misguided and totally unnecessary efforts to appear non-racist the Thought Police are sending this Christian festival back into a pseudo-pagan festival. ("Winterfest" indeed!)

However, if the people of Britain were more dedicated to their religion, then the Thought Police wouldn't be able to conduct these ludicrous exercises, would they? More Muslims attend their Mosques than Christians attend their Churches. Are you bothered about your religious symbolism being removed or are you actually more bothered about people actively suporting ethnic minorities?

Mr Happy

Interestingly I quite like the idea of winterfest, wienachtfest being the original name for Christmas and all that, Santa Klaus being the correct spelling and so on. And besides Germany does Xmas better than we do in the UK.

I can’t help but remember that the festival wasn’t actually supposed to be linked to the religious bit (e.g. It was Winter in December before Jesus came along) and the linking of the two is a corruption. Therefore Christmas is one thing, Jesus’s birthday is another or am I wrong (PUURRRLEASE tell me).

The arguments against the PCC (can you guess what the extra C stands for?) therefore seem slightly less important on this subject. Of course, don’t get me wrong:

Britain should be a Christian country tolerant of other religions. Not an a-religious country.

Rather like the official language taught in schools should be English* - no matter what % of the pupils aren’t English natives.

Merry Xmas to all,

Gaz HD

*UNLESS the school is specifically a school for another social group, like Muslims. I recognise that might be unpopular with many but there’s plenty of British expats sending their kids to ‘English’ schools in Germany or Hong Kong or Guatamala so we should perhaps be willing to take some of that. The schools of course need to be self funding or at least a proportion of that.
Made the same mistake in a J4 supply shop in Sarajevo, manned 5H!T operated by female US Army persons.

Had I also called them girls I would probably have been equally offensive!!

Also similarly cautioned by Afro american brothers for defaming Mecca, whilst actually calling an Ulsterman "mucker" over the secure phone.

Note how "collateral" used to mean information or funding that supported a proposition or transaction.. Now it just means "dead foreign civilians"
Rather like the official language taught in schools should be English* - no matter what % of the pupils aren’t English natives.
Agreed with that, and also agree unless the chool is specifically designed for others, but State schools teaching Urdu as a first language? (Most schools abroad that teach English aren't state schools)

I'm not a BNP supporter, or a white supremacist (doesn't it say something when I feel the need to even say that?) but the UK is a white, christian country and nothing and no-one should be allowed to supplant that.

We're all going to hell boys!
the thought police are on their way to your PC now!
we're all to be tried for sedition and treason against someone or

death to all pacificts & conchies
extinction to all religions(that are mainly used as a reason for war excuses and racial superioty)
If everyone can do it without help, OK (thats equality!

Happy Kwanza (in gaol)
PC has a small point using obviously offensive languague or customs e.g. the black and white minstral show or a gollywog parade.
but taken two extremes the chalkboard the man hole cover and wintermas
being an athesit I'm all for wintermas as long as we bring in a PC version of ramadan as well maybe
celebration of drink hating women hating would be suicidebombing mas :twisted:

Mr Happy

Shotgun said:
I'm not a BNP supporter, or a white supremacist (doesn't it say something when I feel the need to even say that?)
Don't worry Shotgun, there's bags of racism out there far worse than you are made to think. In India they all look down on the darker castes (a colleague told me a story of how he was dating a very dark Indian and was asked by some friends "hey, what are you doing wasting your time with that monkey?").

I spend a lot of time in 'slitty eyed' lands and they hate the Indians loads(to the point of refusing to work with them). During SARS I was in Seoul and I wanted to fly an Indian guy (a genius BTW) out to Seoul to fix the problem and a pregnant lady in office refused (staff council/union type route) as "he might have SARS", but there was no recorded case in India I countered and it's like one guy in a billion (and understand that we are between Singapore and HK and China in Seoul!) but her reply (as backed up by her manager) was that "Indians are dirty and don't have good health systems and so there will be more SARS there but they don't know it....".

A Dr. chum of mine tells me that 99% of all racist attacks going through Londons hospitals are one ethnic group slashing up another, the Asian gangs are a major problem, I imagine there are others here that can confirm/deny that.

As sad as the Stephen Lawrence case was and as evil as the nasty little shits that committed the crime are, everything I'm told says its a regular occurence in the UK between ethnic groups. And I suspect to a degree yes individual Policemen don't try that hard to solve the in-fighting, though if I'm wrong I'd love to hear.

Ignorance is rife, the fact that we (an assumption here) are all brought up or trained to think that we are integrally racist in everything we do is a fallacy, the minorities are far worse in/to themselves. You try being african and getting a job down in Hatton Garden my son....
It amazes me that this sort of thing is allowed to go on. Whilst I am against racism per se, these assumptions that people are making racist comments because the listener is ignorrant of the true meaing are crazy.

Who is in charge of these 'Thought Police'? Who recruits them and why? There are enough oxygen thieves out there draining scarce financial resources without these idiots adding to the problem. Get a proper job and actualy contribute something worth while to the Country you bunch of pr*cks!!
I'm only vaguely religious and don't expect to enter a church again until I'm carried into one in a box (this being no time to be making enemies!) but dare I make a suggestion here?
When you send out your Xmas cards this year why not make siure they're all of a religius nature, 3 wise men, mangers, Baby J, Stars of Bethlehem the whole ***king lot. Just to piss the bastards off and perhaps begin the fight back against these kuntz. Merry Christmas!!!!

You won't get away with Wintermas. The "mas" on the end refers to the Mass - that's Holy Communion for the non-Catholics out there.


I am a bit of a "God botherer" and have alway made a point of sending cards that have Christmas in the narrative and an appropriate picture on the front.

What amazes me is the Bliar and Cherieeeeee both profess to be Christians, yet he presides over the most damaging government for Christian values - the family, marriage etc. The thing is, marriage and the family are also deemed important institutions by every major world religion. As for Cherieeeeee, I have not delved in the the Catechism of the Catholic Church, but I am sure that many of her little "beliefs" and "practices" are contrary to the teachings of the RC Church.

Is Bliar a "miricle worker"? Yes, he has managed to get my mother to support fox hunting and me to get fired up on a number of issues that I would previously just shugged my shoulders to.

Rant mode off.
oh well another suggestion for a pc rammadan Baconsarnie month perhaps :twisted:

These pratts are every where a Blackboard has to be a chalkboard my last place of work I kept calling it a blackboard and dared them to take me to disciplinary about it :twisted: You can't read fairy stories in nursery's in Brighton anymore cause there sexist :x

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