Cultural exchange

Right, I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow on a stag do. Never been, so don't know the crack (no pun intended :wink: ).

Any tips? Suggested watering holes?

Failing that, anyone got any good tales of how their 'mate' ended up taking out a second mortgage to satisfy the moustachioed pimp who's tart he had just deflowered.
try the bananabar. and ask the asian girl for her autograph, very talented.

anywhere round the damrack (sp?) is good.....just watch your pockets, full of gypos.

try not to get pulled into the first "live show" offered.....there's always one cheaper and better round the corner (and never take first price offered)........

and if you get told it's another 80 euros to finish the job, she's lying!
In the red light district find "Trompetterssteeg" it's south of the "Oude Kerk just off the "Oudezijds Voorburgwal"... the best girls in the district.
Bit of culture at the Leidseplein. Top ruby house in the square there. Top chance to puch some of thoses miming twonks too.
Do not ackknowledge the north africans in the street.
They can be very aggressive.And if you have been drinking it will only end in tears.
Mind you that was 10 years ago.

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