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Cultural differences


Apologies if its been done before but,

As if to highlight the gulf in understanding that exists between us and our colonial cousins a quick trip through the internet will suffice especially when the care and understanding of illness and afflictions is concerned.

To illustrate this please click on the link below to see how our American cousins deal with this delicate subject;

Us Tourettes page

A click below amply demonstrates how we British have evolved in our manner when treating these afflictions and serves to highlight the cultural differences, vast as they are;

The British version
Fcuk giving up thing slug...... lent wouldn't have happened if JC had invested in Grabs Like Nails!

As for Tourettes Ass, Fcuk, Wankers..... shite
I smell another wind up coming on..

That chat room is too tempting to miss....wonder how hard the swear filter is working ?

and as for the TS Life stories..."Confessions of a sp*nk-Bucket ar5e fecker"
very good.

Mrs Hallveg used to work as a tuter, and a blerk she was tutering (i fink) had a son who has it, he came to bbq at our house, best 2 hrs ive spent with a teenager since i was one,
i nearlly prolapsed, he kept saying "gonna fcuk you"to the mrs and calling me a "fat bistard" his dad didnt bat an eye.

we also have one in our local town who walked into gregs and asked for a six pack of hairy balls, i never heard this but me dad did and phoned me to let me listen to his ranting, i think he was slightly mongey as well, so you see god was a brit squadie, fcuking funny!

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