Cult Soviet-Afghan Tank film The Beast

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Steven_McLaughlin, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. I don't know if you've seen this or not but I've just had an email from a pal telling me it's a bit of a cult-classic and well worth watching. I've had a look on Wikipedia and it does indeed sound very original, different and incredibly relevant to the times we're living in.

    Basically it's about a ruthless Soviet tank commander & his crew becoming separated from their unit during some brutal assaults on Afghan villages, and then having to face the wrath of the Mujahedeen as they engage in a game of cat-and-mouse through the treacherous valleys, with tensions running high and morale and diesel running low...

    Anyway it might be worth checking out as it sounds like DVD is giving it a second life.

    Here's the link:
  2. I got it on DVD a couple of years ago, never realised it was a cult movie, type of thing you'd have seen on the Channel 5 9 oclock movie slot years ago.

    Yea its an ok movie, Americans pretending to be Soviets, im sure they did abit of research, but i think it jumped on the bandwagon of the time, evil soviets in T-62s come and murder a bunch of afghans for seemingly no reason, poison all the local rivers with chemicals (so where are they going to drink from back at there fobs?), then get cut off from the main convoy and get a taste of there own medicine.

    Theres some great documentries out there about the real war, which i think should get cult status if anything, there was a great CBS one interviewing afghan prisoners at a soviet jail, most say things along the lines of "the soviets came and bought education, equality and rights for women, this is against the wishes of allah, he wishes us to be poor". Things like that go against western concepts of that conflict in my opinion.
  3. I caught some of it a while ago on TV.

    Very brutal in places (as you would expect) but also full of suspense.
  4. It's got quite a few mentions in various film threads in ARRSE already.

    Definitely worth a watch.
  5. I watched it years ago, and to be honest I thought it was long and drawn out.

    Sure, it was brutal in places, and was attempting to portray the futility and horror of that particular war, but not one of my favourites I am afraid.

    For "suspense" I inserted "boring".
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    Stonker On ROPs

    Keep yr eyes on the FREEVIEW schedule. One of the channels has repeated this movie several times in recent years - there seems to be a short list of films that pop up 2 to 4 times a year, and this is one of them. Can't remember which channel though: I'd have to dog out my DVD(R) of it - and I can't be arrsed, 'cos I twice fell asleep trying to watch it.
  7. Watch 9th company much better
  8. Isn't that Platoon for Ruskies?
  9. Is that the movie where they put the guy under the tracks??
  10. It's worth watching if your a spotter and like T55 porn, otherwise the film is toilet tbh.
  11. Would have been hard to get Soviets to play Soviets at the time, don't you think? especially since they were still in Afghanistan fighting at the time? Just like it would have been hard to get Jerries to play Jerries in We Dive at Dawn....

    Tank was an Israeli Ti-67 mod of a T-55 because it was filmed guess where?

  12. and the dosh gun is a dressed up half inch..........p.s near th end of the film as they attack the tank at the pass. when you slo mo the film you can see an explosive charge on the muzzle , and at the opening of the film when they fire a rpg7 at the mddle of the minoret the top explodes the collapses...... not to mention the many shadows cast by the film crew, at many points of the film........ do you need any more ??????

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    Stonker On ROPs

  14. Let's not forget "The Blond"

    I'm off for a little lie down.

  15. I bought a copy in Tesco for £3 last year and got the Longest Day for the same price, £6 well spent.