Culkin Rejects Jackson Abuse Claims

Culkin Rejects Jackson Abuse Claims

Well he would wouldn't he.
PS I hope the older Brits will forgive me for that line. I remember Randy Mice Davies using it for the first time. Now its Brit ledgend not myth.
from what i ahev been hearing it seems that the Hoop Lord might just get off.
however getting off and living with shattered reputation is one thing and being prison being Hooped is another.
ask OJ Simpson he is free but he is no better off either way.

Jacko may as well sell his shares, of whihc he has loads including the rights to Beatle songs, to pay his legal bills and retire to his mansion and stay there out of the limelight.
fooboy said:
I want to know when bubbles is going to take the stand
I hope Bubbles keeps his kit on like Culkin did,the sensible lad!!

Whats the Difference between Wacko and Arthur Scargill??

Scargill hasn`t touched a minors helmet in over 17 years!! :lol:

Chamone, ya sootay riding mother fuckerz!!


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Culkin rejects Jackson abuse claims. Fine, but did he reject Jackson abuse? :evil:
Apparently Jacko is something like $190m in debt... this could finish him off maybe?

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