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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Devil_Dog, Jul 30, 2008.

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    I tried this new search engine today. It is supposed to be the next new big thing in search. Wasn't blown away for even a second. Does anybody have any good points to back this upstarter?

  2. When I tried it, I got a server error. Seems a bit pointless trying to complete with Google unless they have something very unique to offer. Trying to sell an improved search algorithm to the general public isn't going to be enough.
  3. It's shit.
  4. It looks like the b*stard love child of google and facebook. Its just google but more confusing and with a blurb next to each search result.
  5. And also the images displayed next to search results beared no relation to the links.
  6. Ha. Very true. The search for 'Cambridge' comes up with the university and a picture of Jack Straw. Given that he went to leeds, this seems somewhat unecessary. Arrse also has a picture of the lord chancellor, but only after the search term "arrse" returned 15 pages of rvops and other sites. There is obviously a completely messed up algorithm though, as the army site comes up next to the BFBS logo which can't be coincidence.

    I wonder what we have to do with the lord chancellor.
  7. I suspect you didn't read the article. The gay porn picture is not an ad but the image that was displayed by when someone did a search for a "quantum computing researcher"!
  8. can see where your coming from, i did a bit of digging and gound out that

    Anna Patterson left Google in 2006 after authoring several patents related to search. she is one of the co-founders of cuil, she joined google in 2004.

    me thinks they may have a few insider secrets, which they believe might just upset the apple cart.

    im sticking with google :D