Cue calls for air-weapons to be banned.


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Most likely to be a BB gun, not an air pistol or rifle. However that'll give the anti-weapon people some more mud to sling.
Thanks to the activities of the neds, who occasionally manage to shoot their own or their neighbours' offspring, we're likely to get a ban, or an "it might as well be a ban", up north.

Stats from the prats said:
# Airguns accounted for 50 per cent (567) of all offences involving firearms in 2007-08
# Sixty-two per cent (442) of offences in which a firearm was actually fired in 2007-08 involved the use of an airgun. Of those offences involving an airgun, 1 resulted in death, 92 resulted in non-fatal injury to a person and 154 resulted in damage to property
# Forty-nine per cent (85) of firearm offences in 2007-08 involving young persons aged 15 or under related to the use of an airgun, rising to 70 per cent (146) for those aged 16-20 and falling to 40 per cent (133) for those accused aged 21 or over
The fatality was probably this one.

Edited to add:

Three Scots have died and more than 1100 have been injured by airguns in the last 10 years.
as opposed to:

270 deaths on Scotland's roads in 2008 - 4 per cent less than in 2007 (281), the lowest figure since records began
But guns are dangerous, aren't they. And people who own them all vote Tory, anyway ...
How can airguns account for 50-62% of Fireams offenses if they are not considered Firearms??

Sounds a bit like "Police Intelligence" to me?
How can airguns account for 50-62% of Fireams offenses if they are not considered Firearms??

Sounds a bit like "Police Intelligence" to me?
Airguns are considered to be Firearms (by the Law). Some are Section 1 Firearms, others are not. Commit a crime with an Air rifle and you'll be charged with a Firearms offence.
I remember as a wee boy, my English mate and I were playing at war armed with the obligatory air pistols and odd air rifle, well to cut a long story short. That English bastard shot me in the arse when I was'nt looking but I got my revenge by holding him down and executing his right testicle. After we both came out of hospital we both got hammered off our parents and banned from shooting each other, this lasted for a week or two. Its all part of growing up.
"Firearm", within the definition of the Firearms Acts, means a lethal barrelled weapon of any description, from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged. It includes any prohibited weapon, whether it is such a lethal weapon as aforesaid or not, and any component part of such a weapon, and any accessory to such weapon designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by the firing of the weapon.
Therefore the definition includes firearms such as rifles, as well as shotguns and air guns.

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