Cuddles holiday of joy

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cuddles, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. The Fenian Bride just popped in whilst I was perusing a back catalogue of ARRSE humour on bums, farts et cetera to demand a final co-ord conference on our upcoming holiday operations in Belgium/N.France.

    She was most insistent that we made a bee-line from Dunkirk, after viewing the evacuation beaches et cetera, to Bruges for beer and moules. We then have to head for Waterloo, Ieper and then scurry to Mons. After our weekend with Cuddles soeur and her fish head hubby at SHAPE (Super Holidays at Public Expense), she faced me with a question "Is it down to the Somme or back over to Ieper and then through Arras?"

    She added a few tour-guide type comments on the availability of various beers by region of Belgium, suggested we go to the pub after bedding down the Fenianette, rubbed my neck in a nice way and went off to put the Fenianette into PJs.

    Two questions I have for you...

    a)am I dead and this is heaven?

    b)Battle of Arras and withdrawal to Dunkirk or second bite at the Ieper cherry?

    Top tips for hostelries or child-friendly chambre d'hotes/B&B welcome too...
    Yours aye
    The luckiest man in NATO
  2. That does sound a damned sweet deal.

    Have yet to go on a battlefield yomp (My virgin one is scheduled for next jan), so I can't offer advice, but I would like to congratulate you on scoring a good 500 man points for landing that one.
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm beer and moules - you are in heaven - or will be once you get there
  4. My mate tells me that this weekend at SHAPE is usually the fun for all fest, all the nations get together and a beer wagon is in situ.

    he says for you to tell them to take you to the Brit bar to finish the night off.

  5. You lucky thing Cuddles, that sounds great. I've been promising myself to go on a battlefield tour for ages.

    Here is a link for a B&B that I lifted from the Green Howards website under their Battlefield Tours, it's child-friendly too (bonus!):

    Please, please tell us all about it when you get back. Thanks.


    (PS. Chalky please post about yours next year too)
  6. Will do, matey. May even post pics with my face covered by the olbig. black nasty.

    Need to get to work on that 'tache, though.
  7. Cuddles I went a few years back for a bottle field.. sorry battle field tour. Can highly recommend the usual pegaus bridge , the beaches e.t.c. But there was one fortification I went to in either Dunkirk or normandy, it was an old church/castle that had been converted into a fort by the fuzzy wuzzys, painted white, perhaps other arrsers can identfy it. It was quite near the beach (obviously) but accessed through the suburbs and was painted white. One of the intresting things about it was the way in which the nazis had MG42's positioned up corridors.

    Also to reccomend are the monument at breville, quite a simple affair considering what happened that day and also The Merville Battery.

    My tour mainly concentrated on the normandy area, am not really sure if this is where your going, but where ever it is enjoy and get lots of pics into the coppermine.
  8. Take some time to stop in Poperinghe, the town has nothing other than pubs/restaurants (all other shops turned into bars in WW1)

    hmmm .. moules et frites
  9. From a personal view, I'd take the route of my Regiment in it's fighting retreat back to Dunkirk.

    But the rest of it sounds perfect Cuddles, where the hell do you meet a woman like that? :D
  10. PTP, I know your TA, what do you mean by regiment? Do you mean RRF or do you mean (sub) units of 48 (South Midland) Div.

    What I mean is (I may sound barking), I don't have regimental loyality in the normal sense, every unit I've been in has been 49/'Polar' at one stage. It also seems most my ancestors have done the same (through Sherwood Foresters, Arty, Engs, WFR and Sigs).

    p.s. my 3649 post, I've been watching lost for far to long

    p.p.s 36 have just taken on the 49 mantle ....... now sitting at PC in tin foil hat
  11. Polar beat me to it with Poperinge, the central (only?) square is really nice and chock full of pubs.
    bring us back a bottle, Cuddles, i'll pay you back, honest.
  12. Bottles of Leffe and Juplier, cheap as chips and good for a headache.

  13. me thinks we could nearly make an arrse battlefield tour
  14. By 'My' I mean the Regiment we're directly descended from Polar, RWarks
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I seem to recall that you have not been of such fulsome praise of your Bride of a brotherhood persuasion (starts with an F) in previous posts. Now that 'she who must be obeyed' (TY JM for that) wants to do what you also would like your are asking Arrsers whether to go and in what order.

    Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW - what is her username?